ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — For the 2nd year in a row and with another playoff miss, reports about head coach Vance Joseph’s long run are circulating round the Denver Broncos.

On Monday, at 6 8 with two matches in threat of their franchise’s first backtoback losing seasons as 1971-72, Joseph called reports regarding his prospective”crap” he can not fret about.

“It is not my job to fire or hire me, so I am just going to work,” Joseph explained. “That’s my position. We have a game next weekend against Oakland and that is my focus”

Joseph answered to reports he could possibly be fired only minutes.

Joseph, who meets with Elway, said he’d spoken Elway about Monday.

“I’ve spoken to John, that is a private conversation, of course,” Joseph explained. “To be honest, this is the least of my worries. … There has been worse things written about me, I am assuming, but that is not my concern. My concern may be the football team, all these trainers. … What’s written, what’s said, ” I can not worry about that. That’s crap, to me it is, it really is.”

The Broncos were to the edge of the playoff race two weeks ago at 66, but also have lost two consecutive matches — to the 3-10 sanfrancisco 49ers and the 6-7-1 Cleveland Browns. The Broncos finished 5-11 in Joseph’s first season as head coach.

Joseph was asked Monday if he carries queries over his long run and then he explained:”I don’t, I don’t. It’s all about my own players and my trainers. We have a wonderful staff. For me to find a team that is better within this league, It’d be hard. These trainers have coached a really, really, young team and we have young guys playing at a high degree due to our players and the trainers. They struggle, each week. That’s my only real concern, not my future. My ultimate future may be the Oakland Raiders [game]. That’s my focus”

Joseph was asked Monday if he thinks the team’s leading office”has your back” and Joseph said,”Yeah, absolutely I really do, absolutely I do.”

The Broncos defeated the Chargers

Joseph reported the Broncos — who had 1-1 rookies in uniform Saturday against the Browns to go with two additional players who spent their rookie seasons in 2017 on the practice squad — also have shown improvement over the past year’s team. The Broncos have fought through one of the toughest programs of their league.

The Broncos needed a lead getaway in one of the losses lost by four points to the Rams and missed a field goal on the game play in a two-point loss to the Texans. However, after having a three-game winning streak that got the Broncos to 66, they will have had a lackluster loss to the 49ers and Saturday night’s 17-16 loss to the Browns, when Joseph chose to kick a field goal with 4 minutes, 39 seconds left in the game when the Broncos faced a fourth-and-1 from the Browns’ 6-yard line.

“Definitely we’ve [improved],” Joseph said.” … We’ve gotten better. … Overall when you see our team play, we have.”

Joseph also said he believed whether he and his staff stayed in place the team will proceed to improve.

“I think that; we have a Terrific employees,” Joseph said.” … It raised lots of younger players this season and they are playing at a higher degree. That speaks to the team “


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