British heavyweight Dillian Whyte says he”wants blood” out of his re match with compatriot Dereck Chisora.

The fight in London on Saturday is just two years on from the first encounter, which 30, Whyte, won by a split decision.

Whyte has been ranked the top contender for the WBC belt of Deontay Wilder, but a name shot eludes him together with Wilder preferring to target a lucrative unification bout and recently fighting Tyson Fury.

If Whyte beat Chisora his name will remain for Joshua, who’s Wembley Stadium.

A”donkey’ and a’Viking’ – Chisora’includes his qualities’

The first encounter with Chisora of whyte had been , once he had moved to boxing.

Chisora was afterward British champion and Whyte was brought in as a partner. He says he took a sudden dislike.

“Dereck is just an arrogant, dumb man. Now he says he’s changed his life and he’s a born again Christian but let us see,” said Whyte.

“He just isn’t a wonderful guy at all and he’s this character about him where he thinks he is better than everyone else, which I really don’t enjoy. I saw that the signs “

A recurring theme of this animosity at the accumulation for both fights was Whyte referring as a’ donkey’ to Chisora, however he does cover respect to his or her qualities.

“The donkey analogy started because he’s been ridden, used and abused. He has been placed at short notice for not the money that is ideal in hard fights – he had been a bad creature.

“Dereck can be a tough man though, he is like a black Viking – that the more annoyance he gets the harder he pushes.

“As much as I despise him, he is a proud person – he’s his qualities”

‘I trust he does not retire afterwards’

The initial encounter was a barnstormer by which both fighters looked to trade and participate; it ended using some observers atmosphere Chisora could have edged it.

Whyte, with a reach and height advantage, has been drawn this moment.

“I’m going to hurt him more in this fight. Dereck is currently going to be bleeding a lot this time around – .

“the sort of beating that I am seeking to offer him is going to need to sit down and reconsider his career, however I trust he does not retire. It looks better for me if he goes on from the loss to overcome more top contenders.”


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