Nyc — nyc Knicks owner James Dolan, who’s put the WNBA’s New York Liberty up for sale,” said he couldn’t rule out selling the Knicks if the perfect offer came together.

Dolan, who’s chairman of both Madison Square Garden and owns the NHL’s New York Rangers, told ESPN’s Ian O’Connor at a broad interview released Monday there have been”feelers” of supplies upward of $5 billion for the Knicks, but “no one has come through with a bonafide offer.”

“You hear amounts all the time,” Dolan informed ESPN when requested about promoting the team” … I think individuals have sent feelers out, but never any that have been pursued. Yeah, [that the feelers are] around that number [$5 billion], but those matters, it’s similar to a stock price tag. It’s only essential when you are going to buy or sell”

Dolan, 63, said that he likes the Knicks and Rangers,”however, you still have a responsibility for the shareholders.”

“You have a responsibility because the guy who runs the area to deliver on this for them, that’s being open and transparent. And I might never say that I wouldn’t look at selling the Knicks. My family isn’t in that position, plus they are the majority shareholders. They contain most the vote. … As a majority operator, I don’t need to offer, either. As the head of this organization that is general public, you can not say you can not market, since then you are telling your investors your feelings regarding your resources are more crucial than your own money. And they won’t invest together with you if you do this.”

The Knicks made the NBA Finals in his very first year. They haven’t been back since whilst the team moved through seven team presidents and 12 head coaches — only two of whom (Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Woodson) have had winning recordings.

The latest failure — that the reign of team president Phil Jackson from 201417 — given an 80-166 record. Dolan said he believes Jackson, who won 11 NBA championships as a trainer with Chicago and the Los Angeles Lakers, collapsed at front office because he couldn’t convince the team to buy in to his trademark triangle crime.

“I think he got’yessed’ a lot,” Dolan said,”I think they would be underneath their breath going,’This really isn’t a great strategy,’ and he puts into conflict with a few players over it. But I think he strove hard to receive his strategy . I simply don’t believe he ever got it in.”

Dolan also counts himself a fan of ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy, that had been the Knicks’ head trainer when Dolan took over in 1999 and resigned in the 2001-02 season. Dolan said he hadn’t heard that Van Gundy told ESPN he wanted the Knicks job, but that he couldn’t argue with their hiring of David Fizdale.

Dolan stated. “Look, I’ll do whatever’s necessary to help the team. If Scott [Perry] and Steve [Mills] said Jeff’s that the perfect guy. However, it was really their telephone number. I didn’t meet with anybody else apart than Fiz. In other words,’Look, he’s our pick. I want you to meet with him’ And so that I did. I wasn’t involved in the decision procedure in any respect.”

Dolan said he made of the day-to-day operation of the Knicks when he hired Jackson, adding:”I became so convinced I didn’t think I would add anything for it”

The meeting with O’Connor can be a rare one for Dolan, that sat for 2 hours to talk basketball, business, his own legal battles, his connection with Harvey Weinstein and much more — including his 25 decades of sobriety after he said he murdered himself as being a young man with drugs and alcohol.


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