Leicester head coach Geordan Murphy says he has never known the club be at such a very low point.

The Tigers were beaten 34-11 in home by Racing Metro at the weekend all end their Champions Cup hopes.

They so are three things off this table’s base and have won only three Premiership matches all season.

“We are probably at the bottom ebb that I can remember in my history at the heart,” said Murphy, who joined Leicester in 1997.

“how we react and how we come back out of this could make or break ,” he told BBC Radio Leicester.

“the fantastic Winston Churchill said’once you are in hell, then just make sure to keep going’.”

Not Enough confidence

Geordan Murphy

Racing scored three attempts in the opening 20 minutes to blow away a Leicester side that have lost nine of their last 10 matches in all contests.

“Confidence is obviously a huge issue,” added Murphy, who shot after Matt O’Connor was sacked after having a crushing 40-6 opening-day loss at Exeter.

“It’s very, very low, if not non-existent in the squad, also when we do concede we very often concede back-to-back tries, therefore we must work about it.

“I know they care, were not getting it right, and from a coaching perspective that’s probably on my mind, my shoulders. I’ve got to do a better job with a view to giving only a confidence to them.

“After the game that you might hear a pin drop at the living area because they really want to go outside and perform and they’re aware that people didn’t.”

Fresh face from the coaching team? IE]>David Ellis

With Leicester near to the salary cap, bringing to freshen the side is a job.

However, Murphy says he could be in the process of earning a defence coach with a number of candidates, including New Zealand assistant coach Dave Ellis and France, with been interviewed.

“The board have been quite supportive of me and they have said’let’s get it , let’s make sure we add some one who’s got some real experience to the coaching room’, which is what we’re attempting to complete at the present time.

“We have sat down to some defensive coaches and we have stumbled down to some coaches who’ve got experience from different sports and different entities across the world of rugby.

“we would like to add somebody who’s going to really have a true effect generally instruction space, not in defence, not in strike, but some one we could all learn from.”