Last month, UFC President Dana White pulled off a major coup as it had been announced that after having a four-year hiatus, Nick Diaz would be returning to the octagon to carry on Jorge Masvidal at UFC 235. Nonetheless, it works out that the champagne bottles may have been popped too soon.

Through the weekend, Diaz finally talked about the reported struggle, telling ESPN that he never recognized a bout with Masvidal or other people.

“I do believe that it ’s rude of the UFC to try and low-ball me and expect me to negotiate a deal while m training for a struggle & rsquo; I,&rdquo explained. “It’s maybe not gon na na proceed down like that. That they know where to find me if anyone would like to fight me. I’m not just a difficult guy. Come get some good.

”I have alot on looking to handle a few businesses that are distinct going. Once things sound right for everyone in that they’ve some fighters that they respect and I respect, we are able to decide to try and come back to a deal and also do a series. This ’therefore how I feel. ”

Diaz hasn’t even scrapped since losing a choice to Anderson Silva at UFC 183. When Silva tested positive for performance enhancing 17, The decision was later overturned to a No Contest and Diaz tested positive for marijuana. Despite the long layoff Diaz remains probably one of the fighters in MMA. He’s used that popularity to expand to other businesses and as a result, Diaz has made it evident he doesn’t even need to comeback to fighting, therefore if the UFC wants himthey need to make it worth his while.

“When I’m in a fantastic place in what I’m focusing on and things look the way it should, I’ll be happy to provide the fans what they need,” Diaz explained. “However, I believe for today using what & rsquo; s out there, they will be OK. There aren’t even any fights for me until someone stands out.

”rsquo & I;ll struggle if they can be more reasonable, however, indeed, I didn&; rsquo;t even talk about exactly what it might or may [take ]. They really are the one’therefore tripping. ”

In the end, a deal usually gets made, although the UFC has historically had a challenging time negotiating with either Diaz brothers. Sometimes it only requires the UFC offering up the biggest fight potential also it seems just like that may be the case here as well, since Diaz seems excessively certain he’d be at current welterweight champion tyronwoodley .

“rsquo & I;ll walk-through Woodley,” Diaz explained. “it is known by him. I didn’t even need to say [to him in reaction ]. That man has a life. Like I have I struggle for one. ”

Since he won the belt in 17, woodley is quite outspoken about wanting to struggle Diaz. He is tentatively about to defend his title against Colby Covington first second year but seems very keen to alter his plans if the UFC supplies him Diaz instead.