La — The locker-room in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has been quiet. La Rams players sat at their lockers and seemed stunned.

Never before in the two seasons of Sean McVay as trainer had the Rams suffered losses. And they did not appear to find it would happen Sunday night with a 13.5-point underdog Philadelphia Eagles team which has been forced to begin backup punishes Nick Foles, with Carson Wentz sidelined because of a back injury.

But Foles pushed the defense to the breaking point within a 30-23 defeat as Jared Goff and the crime, to get a third successive week, struggled to get its footing.

“Back-to back-losses is unquestionably going to faze a team just a little bit,” receiver Robert Woods explained.

The Rams (11-3) have clinched the NFC West and a playoff berth is secured.

But for the time being, this is the only certainty.

They lost control of NFC home-field advantage using a loss last week into the Chicago Bears, also will just recover it if the New Orleans Saints stumble, likely twice, considering that the Saints hold the headtohead tiebreaker to the top seed against the Rams. And the Rams are near losing control of a first-round bye. Another loss could make it possible for the Bears to move past the Rams, although This can still be earned with just two wins.

“We are not tripping,” corner back Marcus Peters said. “We only need to return to your P’s and Q’s.”

It started in Detroit in an offensive struggle against the Lions which has been settled only if Todd Gurley hurried for 2 fourth-quarter touchdowns to give the Rams the win. It continued the following week in a performance against the Bears by which Goff threw a career-high four interceptions.

And it continued Sunday night in an inexplicable loss to the Eagles, who came with a 6-7 record.

“Definitely got to twist up,” Gurley said.” (We’re) doing stuff that is not usso we must reunite to ourselves. … It is not that the end of earth.”

Two games remain ahead of the playoffs.

The Rams should traveling to Phoenix following Sunday to face the three-win Arizona Cardinals. Chances are they’ll play with a regular-season finale at home against the San Francisco 49ers, who have won two straight.

McVay expressed optimism that their issues can be solved. However he knows it must be done until the postseason, also it needs to get started using his quarterback.

During their first 12 matches, the Rams had just 10 turnovers. But within their past two, they have switched it over seven days — including six Goff interceptions.

Goff remained true to character after the loss Sunday. He didn’t show signs of panic but said in a tone which there were several conditions that had to be solved.

“I don’t believe that it’s far,” said Goff, who performed 35 of 54 passes for 339 yards and two interceptions. “I believe that it’s little things occasionally. I have to do a job that is superior. We will need to all do a job that is much greater all around the board. … It is stuff ‘s therefore fixable.”

Simple to convey. Now the Rams need to do it.


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