CHARLOTTE, N.C. — New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton was on the proverbial hotseat in 20-16. His team went 7-9 to the third consecutive season. This man who attracted a city still feeling the devastation of Hurricane Katrina a superbowl name during the 2009 season’s gleam was evaporating fast.

Then-owner Tom Benson stood tap , just as he failed in 2012, when Payton was under fire to the”Bountygate” scandal.

Although Benson didn’t live to see the great things about their patience, the Saints have came back to NFL prominence. They are 11-2 heading into Monday night’s match against the Carolina Panthers in Bank of America Stadium. And New Orleans, along with the La Rams, is now a favorite to win the NFC.

It’s Carolina coach Ron Rivera, with five consecutive losses. The man who got the Panthers (67 ) to the superbowl in 2015 is in peril of his second losing season in 3 decades.

Fans are worried. There are rumblings that owner David Tepper isalso, also although a league source tells ESPN the Rivera’s job appears safe. Tepper, via a staff spokesperson, declined to comment to this story.

Because Tepper has never had years to produce the devotion that Panthers owner Jerry Richardson showed Rivera within a 1-3 start to the 2013 season there is still uncertainty.

In case Tepper were to produce a big change, he’d need to repay the final couple of decades of a $15.5 million expansion that Rivera signed January before Richardson sold the team for about $ 2.275 billion.

Rex Ryan and former NFL coaches Tony Dungy have been in this situation before. Even the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fired Dungy after a 2001 season after three consecutive trips to the play offs. The New York Jets dumped Ryan in 2014 despite attaining the AFC Championship Games in 2009 and 2010.

The Bucs were rewarded using a superbowl victory in 2002. The Jets needed a 10-6 record in their first season.

Dungy and Ryan concur that Rivera, who has 70 wins and can be just four victories shy of becoming the alltime winningest coach of Carolina, deserves more time. Additionally they agree because owners want to engage their own coaches Tepper is the wild card.

“But the fantastic organizations pick their very own people, they have confidence included and work things out.

“You go through bumps in the road such as the Saints did with a couple of 7-9 seasons that was not what everyone wanted, but the thing there is they had a history. They knew they had a superbowl coach. They understand they had a quarterback that fit that strategy. Maybe whatever didn’t go during those 7-9 years you knew you can get corrected.”

Ryan said history shows”in the event that you stay to a guy long, enough he’s going to come back and win.”

Ultimately, Rivera’s fate will return to his short history with Tepper.

“Appearance, Rivera has been doing a great job there,” explained Ryan, now an analyst for ESPN. “People were discussing eliminating him [in 2013]. He then moved on a win series and that died down.

“Ownership has the right to do whatever they want, right, wrong or indifferent. From a coach’s standpoint, I’d like to see them show patience. Ron Rivera, he’s a fantastic human being, and I’d love to watch him stay around.”

“Jerry Jones kicked out Tom Landry,” Ryan said of this choice to shoot the Professional Football Hall of Fame coach and fourth-winning winningest coach in NFL history with 250 victories. “He was pretty profitable.”

Pittsburgh the model?

Dungy heard much for a player and also an assistant coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but what left arguably the largest impression was then-owner Dan Rooney’s philosophy on hiring a coach.

“I remember him telling us about Coach [Chuck] Noll, how he hired him and so they’re 1-13 in his first 12 months,” Dungy recalled. “he explained during that one-win season that is when he knew he was the ideal guy the manner coach reacted after reductions, the way these were building along with his own plan.

“Dan’s philosophy has been, do you really believe you’ve got the ideal person? And in the event that you believe you had the ideal person, you stay to them. If you arrive at the conclusion you don’t have the correct person, you also make a change.”

That is clearly a philosophy the Steelers have stuck to and it’s paid off.

Noll went to a string of four Super Bowls wins in six seasons during his first three seasons from 1-13, 5 9 and 6-8.

When Pittsburgh missed the playoffs three consecutive years (1998 to 2000) after six successive postseason trips, Rooney stuck with Cowher. The owner has been rewarded to the playoffs in the five seasons and also a Super Bowl title in 2005.

Mike Tomlin was hired in 2007.

The Steelers won another superbowl in the second season of Tomlin and got in 2010. He was on the hot chair; but ownership didn’t budge, and Tomlin won 10 or more games during the 4 seasons and reached the AFC Championship Game in 20-16, after going 88 in 2012 and 2013.

There’s again out noise this season with Pittsburgh 8-5-1, but Tomlin’s support has never wavered.

Not that the Pittsburgh model is fool proof. There are cases of clubs that never achieved success and stuck together with their coach. Marvin Lewis is currently in his 16th season at Cincinnati. The Ben-Gals are 0-7 from the play offs under him, and they’re on the verge of their third consecutive losing season.

Jeff Fisher has been Houston/Tennessee for 17 seasons. After his team lost for the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV in 1999, the Titans went 2-5 from the play offs and had six seasons of 88 or worse in the next 11 decades.

But those businesses have experienced greater success than people shifting coaches. Even the Cleveland Browns experienced six head coaches since 2010, and not one has received a winning record.

The Browns fired Bill Belichick after a 1996 season. Belichick landed in New England, where he gone to eight and has won five Super Bowls.

That Tepper is a former minority owner of the Steelers and grew up in Pittsburgh could have an effect on whether he tests the Rooney notion and sticks together with Rivera. Until he purchased the Browns but as Dungy educated, Jimmy Haslam was a minority owner with the Steelers.

Jerry Jones has regrets

There isn’t any better example of a brand new owner wanting their or her own coach instead than Jones, who’s on his first day since who owns this Cowboys fired probably one of their most celebrated coaches in NFL history.

Landry won two Super Bowls and five NFC Championships from 1960 to 1988, but Jones decided it was time to clean house after three consecutive losing seasons without a pun wins since 1982. He hired Jimmy Johnson.

After moving 79 and 1-15 in his first two seasons, Johnson got the Cowboys back to the playoffs in 1991 and won Super Bowls the subsequent two seasons.

In 2014,” Jones said he regretted firing Landry so fast.

“If I had a chance to do it again, I would have waited a year and just got my feet onto the ground just a little bit more and probably only gone with the staff we had and then after made the best shift that I made,” Jones stated.

Afterwards Johnson and he split after the 1993 season, jones went through five coaches. But Jones been patient since with Jason Garrett, who was his head coach since replacing Wade Phillips.

The team of garrett didn’t make the playoffs also he could be 1-2 in the playoffs since 2014. An 8-6 album has the Cowboys sitting under the NFC East, although there were more cries for Garrett’s job after having a 3-5 start in 2013.

Stephen Jones, Dallas’ executive vice president, CEO and manager of player personnel, weighed :”I think people enter to a mixture plenty of times of racing to alter something simply because you’re having just a little bad run and you’re not wherever you hope to be. I do not necessarily feel that the solution is shift.

“You enter right into that and also you see what is going on across the league, you obtain fresh coaches and so they would like to replace all of the employees. It is possible to end up starting over in the event you don’t see .”

After Rivera was the example

When Payton was under fire 2016, it was Rivera and Richardson that were the illustration of the loyalty and patience pays .

Richardson was rewarded with a 12-4 record and NFC South title having an NFL-best 15-1 record and a trip to Super Bowl to this 2013 season, then following a rough start .

Payton will not find a need for a shift today despite Carolina’s struggles. The Panthers are still mathematically alive for a spot.

“The success that they’ve had only [as] an organization, clearly while Ron was there, was outstanding for Carolina,” Payton said. “We have a ton of respect for what he’s done and how they’ve played.”

Rivera respects Payton. That the Saints stuck following the 20-16 season by Payton spoke volumes to him.

“if you have had success before and you feel you’ve got the correct formula, yeah, why don’t you?” Rivera stated. “You glance at several establishments who have changed head coaches time and time again, they appear to fight.

“Pittsburgh… since Chuck Noll, they will have only had three head coaches. So once you start looking at things, it’s all about continuity.”

Rivera offered a reminder that the Panthers lost continuity last offseason with the hiring of fresh coordinators.

But what Rivera has in accordance with Payton as well as coaches who have slipped back after having a difficult season is actually just a franchise quarterback.

Payton has Drew Brees, the next Hall of Famer who’s on a Monday night prior to this season broke Brett Favre’s record for most completions in NFL history.

Rivera has Newton, that despite having a shoulder at the moment could be on his way to become the very best dual-threat quarterback in NFL history.

“Ordinarily, the coaches who have the most success will be the ones that have the quarter back,” Ryan stated. “Now in Carolina’s instance, clearly Cam is really a good quarterback, among the best from the league. I don’t know if he’s completely .”

Dungy agreed.

“Ron’s a great coach,” Dungy said. “Ron’s going to get them back again to the very best if given time. I get disappointed in people which produce the hire, say,’Yes, this is my man, and we do everyone else is onboard .’ Then you definitely have a few bad years and people want a shift, and all a sudden it’s the man or that I go out of patience.

“I’ve seen that happen alot. I don’t believe that is the best way to develop long-term efficacy .”


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