It had been the turning point of this game. Allison Pineau was in tears, sitting on a chair behind Laura Glauser&rsquo. She had just been tears were uncontrollable as minutes , and she’d hide her face to a towel. She missed almost the entire 2nd half of one of the most important games in the annals of those women’s national group of France.

Seconds until the game was finished, she awakened and moved slowly closer towards the bench. She ran with to her teammates after the AccorHotels Arena was filled by the final buzzer and burst into tears again. But in the mixed zone, even medal hanging on her chest, after the euphoria, she chose a moment to answer these questions.

-Exactly what has been probably the most asked question now?

-Thats’SA great question -she said as she laughed.

-How do you feel, probably?

I’m proud, although I’m tired. I feel proud of the team, this particular staff, this really is incredible. We hellip;composed history. We are the third team in the background that took the dual title, it means so muchbetter. And it indicates that it’therefore not easy to do it. There could be A European tournament the hardest title to get, we & rsquo; re dwelling, therefore it & rsquo; s tough to clarify what it means, but it means better.

-How did the support of this audience cause you to feel as if you’re disqualified?

-The audience answered the good way, in how we all expected because I believe it wasn’t even deserved. Plus they were not happy, therefore they revealed that they were not joyful, that decision wasn’t deserved, therefore that I ’m so about the way they revealed that this decision was incorrect, pleased.

-And how hard could it be to allow one to be hanging on the market?

-I think there were so many emotions at exactly the same moment …I had been crying, I felt disappointed…it wasn’t fair and very frustrating simply since they stole something from me…your final, at home, in my city, facing my family and my buddies. I hope that they realize and will apologize that they did a big mistake. We won this game, it could & rsquo; ve been in a scenario even it.

-If you look at the medal, and consider when you’re little, did you ever imagine that you would be here now?

-I need. I desired that when I was modest. I simply didn & rsquo because I wished to be professional ;t even know that which game I would pick. But it’so amazing to consider where I came out, and…all up the way (laughs), until here.

Sitting to the media tribune it had been hard not to move across the song the organizing committee opted to show the players before each game. Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy in love’ may have been too tempting for several players on an instant when theoir concentration had to be at its highest. The query had to be inquired:

-How was it that you enter the court if they gave you exactly the awards, with that Beyoncé song and also you were able to curl up to it?

-Yesss, to get relaxed! To state: ‘aaaaaaaah! Damn it! We achieved it!! ’ beautiful, it had been better than on Friday, I believe the audience were warmer It had been amazing and it was we expected, therefore many thanks, thank you very much!

Mandatory Credit &duplicate; Anze Malovrh / kolektiff


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