WHEN TRAE YOUNG murdered a profound 3 pointer contrary to the Los Angeles Lakers in mid-November, he did not hold his followthrough or flash three hands on. Regardless, the Atlanta Hawks rookie shield celebrated by pointing into the court, encouraging Lonzo Ball and the Staples Center crowd to gawk in his shooting range.

As he looked on to retreat on defense, Young swept his palms close to the tail of the purple”L” of the Lakers’ midcourt logo, significantly more than 30 feet from the hoop. In Los Angeles, he only pointed into an anonymous spot on the floor. But if he’d been in Atlanta’s practice facility, he would’ve been pointing something more tangible: the Hawks'”4-point line.”

Over the past few years, an explosion that was offensive has been undergone by the NBA. And as coaches have hunted to keep up with highefficiency crimes which carry on to get faster and brighter thanks to the boom in analytics, they’ve begun re-imagining the court .

“I predict it game-ify,” Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown states. “All of us game-ify the gymnasium .” He knows that is not a word, however, Philadelphia’s practice court has been”game-ified,” punctuation be damned.

Save for the accession of the 3-point lineup, traces and the official measurements of an NBA court have changed since 1951. But Brown, as with other coaches, has added extra markers, carved-out special zones and divvied up the playing surface of the Sixers’ practice court — in a few instances down to the inch — in hopes of teaching his players the best practices for spacing the floor and scoring.

In essence, tutors have created a visual language to communicate with their twenty something players (the average age in the NBA is 26.5), many of whom grew up hearing audiobooks and looking at ereaders rather than thumbing through paperback books. “We’re always trying to coach players quicker and more quickly,” Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce states.

Much of the”game-ification” process has centered on the 3-point lineup, that has been a fundamental driver in the NBA’s offensive revolution. With analytics within the past decade’s growth, teams invited players to shoot layups and 3-pointers while deemphasizing contested midrange jump shots and have scrutinized their shot location.

And with the NBA emphasis to make players think dimension and efficiency, Brown put one line over the Sixers’ practice court in February 2017: a phantom line.

The Chicago Bulls recorded a white 4-point lineup into the floor of the Advocate Center over the summer. Pierce, who had an assistant coach in Philadelphia just before the year, he attracted the lineup south after he was hired to teach the Hawks this offseason. The Brooklyn Nets have had one as the 2016-17 year old.


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