PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Steelers trainer Mike Tomlin has his kicker’s spine, and it seems that’ll last for the rest of the summer season.

After practicing to maintain his job earlier in the week because of struggles all year, Chris Boswell helped seal Sunday’s 17-10 triumph on the New England Patriots with a 48-yarder in the last minutes. He also missed a.

“He’s our kicker from begin to finish and I enjoyed the way he came back and banged that next opportunity and that is what this item (football) is about,” Tomlin said. “You’re will be analyzed, we are planning to be analyzed, some times you’re likely to neglect however, you pass enough of them.”

Boswell has converted 11-of-18 (61.1 percent) field goals over the year, leaving Pittsburgh in peril of becoming the first NFL team with a sub-60-percent declining rate as the 2000 Bengals. He missed five points, though both were left by him Sunday.

Boswell said because he is going right back that Tomlin told him after the overlook to keep up his head. He did that on fourth-and-6 with 2:41 left and the Steelers carrying a lead.

“I decided when I walked in to the stadium together with him which he was our kicker and I was not likely to play which secondguessing game today,” Tomlin said. “We assessed that process in a very thorough method. Before going in to the stadium we all had a excellent deal of comfort with the path that we opted to take.”

Boswell claimed the service by the team is rewarding but he has to perform much better. Boswell became a Pro Bowler because of an 89.5-percent success rate for field goals (85-of-95) from 2015 17. That is just what made his 2 misses in a Week 14 loss to Oakland perplexing.

“It is sort of the nature of our organization. You’ve got to perform.”

Out of fostering his confidence mates won’t prevent.

“He ought to be incredibly excited, because we are for him,” quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said. “We delivered Bos available and that there is confidence. I believed he was going to make it. Clearly he felt in himself and he achieved it, and I’m proud of him for doing this giving us a opportunity to get this game.”


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