INDIANAPOLIS — Locker chambers can be a strange place after having a loss.

They are silent. Other times they are surprisingly upbeat.

After Sunday’s 23-0 reduction to the Indianapolis Colts, the Dallas Cowboys Locker-room was a combination of both.

For five weeks, the Cowboys knew just winning, outside and moving of the playoff film to each of being guaranteed a spot in the postseason.

The disappointment felt in the locker room wasn’t so much which the Cowboys lost but they lost, as they certainly were manhandled.

“We never gave ourselves a chance,” Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott said. “If such a thing, we were mad in the slightest. It wasn’t any finger pointing where, hey, I am considering this guy, that guy’s looking , offense none of that. If such a thing, we are coming together saying,’Hey, in a way this was needed by us.’ Maybe we thought we were too hot to trot or whatever in our five-game winning series or whatever it had been “

The Cowboys are a young team. Of Sunday contributorsseven players were in similar roles as they certainly were in 2016, when the Cowboys made the match.

With their win series, the Cowboys revealed they could handle adversity. Now, they must show they can handle success and make the Indianapolis loss a blip rather than the start of end.

“When you have a team in this way, ” I don’t think demoralizing or something similar to that is in our dictionary,” Prescott said. “You’re talking about a team which has been 3-5, backs against the walls . [It is ] still backs against the walls and back to where we are at this time.”

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones made a quick appearance in the interview room before trainer Jason Garrett then answered questions fast and spoke.

“I thought if your name was’Jones’ or’that the Cowboys,’ they handed it to you,” Jones explained. “We played that now and lost a border early and then just never got back it again. It is rather disappointing. It’s pretty obvious to me this team is your grade of team you can see in any point in the play offs.

“They took it to us. There isn’t any question about it. About like I’ve seen it in the last 10 or 15 years so far as doing the things it takes to secure the match “

For five weeks, the Cowboys fought for their lives against NFC opponents to remain in the NFC East race or have a chance in the wild-card chase. By playing the AFC South Colts, something was not signified less pressure-packed.

“We played soccer here the last five weeks,” Garrett explained. “Every game we’ve played the last five weeks has become a hard match which required 60 minutes. And that’s exactly what it requires in this league”

During the winning streak, fractures went their way. On Sunday, they established no fractures with a field goal that was blocked, a dropped touchdown pass as well as that abandoned them inches away from first negatives or plays.

“I feel a loss similar to this was quite definitely wanted,” Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott said. “I think it’s better for us in the grand scheme of this summer growing season. I believe we needed to get placed in check. I believe we needed a reality check. I believe we needed somebody to remind us that we have a lot of ball and nothing will be supplied. We got to go around and accept everything”

This loss may impact the Cowboys in tie breakers for seeding based on common opponents, strength of program. But they enter the final two games of the season in precisely the exact same area Sunday they entered : in first place in the NFC East.

With the Eagles along with also Washington Redskins winning Sunday, the Cowboys may have another opportunity to clinch their second division title in three years (and next in five years) by beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday in AT&T Stadium.

“We simply got to win games at this time. Period. We can’t actually think about that. We’ve just got to approach it one match at a time, and we’re past this one. Now, not be worried about winning the division and we need to go and just worry about winning the damn match. That’s it”


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