Sabina Mazo is currently taking a major step up her fighting career.

A cope was signed by the fighter . Mazo, whose introduction is still not yet been determined, joins the company like rsquo & the LFA women;s champion. She sports a undefeated record of 6-0 that includes two viral knockout wins that are head-kick.

Mazo remains a 21-year-old faculty student that has been fighting for over four decades, despite having made some waves from the MMA world. Matters in MMA might possibly be moving for the Kings MMA product, however that doesn’t mean she’s ’therefore are not ready for the lights.

“Everything was happening fast and I harbor ’t even dashed rdquo, & any such thing; Mazo said speaking with MMA Fighting. “Everything was done step by step. It wasn’t like, ‘nonetheless, I want to goto the UFC now. &rsquo a lot of people used to share with me, &lsquo but take my time and I needed to defend my title.

“I understand everything however subject and gift & rsquo young and I may compensate for experience. Everything has happened really quick, I & rsquo; m a dedicated man with everything that I do and that gives consequences, that & rsquo; s. I harbor ’t dashed anything despite everything happening so fast. ”

Mazo was contacted with the UFC a month following her first LFA title defense. She believes this to be the perfect moment on the UFC career to kick .

“that I thought it had been the ideal moment, & rdquo; Mazo said and I was thinking about that the UFC. “It had been hard to get fights for my title defense time that the lady got injured until the fight, so that I thought it. My whole team and my boss thought it made sense, so although I’m young, I don’t feel as though that I’m ’m think that is coming in good time. And why notif I feel convinced. ”

Athletically a fantastic period for Mazo to combine the UFC roster and apart from this being, she also believes reasons are employed in her favor.

“I think that it ’s so amazing that division is only starting, as in some wayit’therefore easier to produce history — demonstrably [the division] being so new in the place of something which ’s well recognized.

“Therefore I believe it’s an opportunity to showcase my own work. I do think there is a good flat, I find Valentina Shevchenko to be an outstanding fighter, same with Joanna Jedrzejczyk, even though I’m not too sure whether she’ll stay, and one other girls are good too. I think that it ’S-A branch that will demonstrate a lot of exciting fights. It & rsquo; therefore a branch that is very new, however a lot will come out of it. ”

Mazo is currently looking to create her introduction sometime in March and now she & rsquo; s eager to undertake anybody she is put in front of by that the UFC.

Joining the UFC is actually a dream come true it’s an achievement for Colombia with Mazo.

“It’s an essential achievement for female sports because in Colombia we’ve had a lot of female talents, we’ve got a considerable number in athletes, so I’m glad to participate in the circle and reveal that it’therefore potential, so for me it’s very essential. It’s essential for female sports and the nation. ”


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