Vitor Belfort may have left his gloves at the Octagon following his fight, but he has decided he’therefore perhaps not exactly done from the cage.

Seven months later Lyoto Machida knocked Belfort out at UFC 224 at Rio de Janeiro, the former UFC winner revealed he is now a free agent and fielding supplies to resume his livelihood.

Following losing to Machida, he left his gloves on the Octagon floor, signifying his retirement.

“Life is approximately beginning, middle, and end, and I think I arrived at the end, so congratulations to Machida and I’m leaving my gloves ,” Belfort said once he had regained his senses following a fight.

“Thus, I want to thanks all I’m all right. Lyoto had. I think that it ’s time for me to take care of my own family and my own endeavors. ”

Belfort, during an interview with Ariel Helwani for ESPN, signaled that while he does possess lots of other small business endeavors he’s associated in, he wishes to continue fighting.

“I enjoy that, keep going, not quitting. That’so correct,” when Helwani asked him to ensure he intended to keep his own career, perhaps not retire as’d seemed to be the plan following his UFC bout, he explained.

Belfort said since his UFC bout, he has had surgery to remove a large bone spur that he had fought for his last five fights.

“I had any difficulties. I experienced a surgery. I experienced a magnitude of a golfball inside my joints,” said Belfort, adding that it was located at his left shoulder, then his side.

Belfort had pushed for a legends match, potentially with modified rules that satisfied fighters that were aging and unable to fully compete with younger fighters in their prime ages.

Belfort sounded like he were looking compared to the other opportunity to measure in the cage and throw though he dropped short of saying he was searching for somewhere that could execute notions.

“rsquo & I;m business. I&rsquo. I find that people want a change. I’m searching for a chance. I’MA fighter and also an athlete, (I’m searching to get ) a place I’m a fighter and an athlete. ”

Although he’s now 4 1, Belfort doesn’t find his choice to continue fighting as the identical position as UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell, who recently came back from an eight-year lay off to resist at age 49 against Tito Ortiz. Liddell suffered the fourth successive loss in his last four fights, a knockout loss.

Belfort described Liddell’s no return truly was a come back, where as he hasn’t even been sidelined for a year. He’s opting never to retire nonetheless looking for an opportunity to try and bring a value that is new to his livelihood.

“I really couldn’t choose a better time for me to be a free agent because I think the fans are screaming for something real some thing.


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