Any given Sunday… every quarter back has a chance to sit beneath the Complete QBR leaderboard. We like to rate them every week from your stat that measures their own per-play contribution for the cause of their own team while QBs are judged by wins and losses or touchdowns and interceptions.

An explainer of why QBR could be seen here, however the main idea would be to capture more aspects of a quarterback’s play compared to conventional methods consider. QBR includes the worth (or lack there of ) of quarterback rushing, sacks, fumbles, important penalties and — crucially — the down and distance of every play. QBR works with 50 being roughly ordinary and 75 about Pro Bowl-caliber.

Each within this space, we will highlight the worst and very best QBR performances from the NFL weekend and then breakdown what made each quarterback perform at equally extreme.

Which quarterbacks would be the very best and worst in Week 15?

Top three

Total QBR: 87.0

Smart analysts have pointed out signs of bliss from the young quarterback throughout this season though Darnold has struggled this season.

In a losing effort, it came together on Saturday from the Texans. Darnold’s victory on third down (97.4 QBR in those situations) chased him to his second-best QBR game of this season, only narrowly falling short of his Week 6 performance from the Colts.

Darnold and Giants running Saquon Barkley will forever be linked to their teams’ proximity and the way they were drafted, however with this weekend, the Jets got the better end of this deal. — Walder

Stafford did a lot of his damage over the Lions’ two scoring drives in the next quarter, largely using big plays with Kenny Golladay.

The duo connected seven times over eight attempts for 146 yards and five first downs. Five of Stafford six plays terms of points that were expected added came when Golladay was the target. Three of the completions came in that two-drive span totaling 9-5 yards.

Their biggest relations came while trailing 7-6. Stafford hit on Golladay to get a pass onto a third-and-10 and launched him for a profit onto a third-and-7 after from the drive. Those hook ups helped put up a go-ahead touch-down that eventually turned out to be the Lions’ final points of this game.

The veteran QB was catapulted by the come back fee led by Rivers to conquer Chiefs night . The game has been also a testament to QBR’s worth, and which comprehended Rivers’ strong performance despite the undeniable fact that he threw two interceptions.

It will keep the clock in mind in determining the expected points of a play, though QBR awards no more charge for high-leverage conditions. With the game Rivers and the Chargers faced. But because there were remaining, QBR knows that they did not have four end zone shots at their disposal. When Rivers linked to Mike Williams for the touch down, it started his raw QBR from 53.6 to 73.0. A couple of seconds after, the two-point conversion brought the amount of 75.7, which was then corrected up a couple of points due to of opponent and game position.

Rivers now trails only Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes in Total QBR over the year . — Walder

Only overlooked: Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans (78.3); Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons (73.4)

Bottom three

Total QBR: 3.1

Rosen now possesses three of those five worst single-game Complete QBRs of this season after completing Sunday with a 3.1. He ran the variety of bad plays that led to his own single-digit QBR against the Falcons, from interceptions (two) to carrying sacks (six) and fumbling (only some particular ).

His play, in terms of expected points was his firstquarter interception. Leading 7-0 and approaching mid-field, Rosen attempted a pass. That turned what was once a promising start that he was unable to seek out ofhaving his raw QBR hit 20.

Total QBR: 6.5

After back to back weeks using a whole QBR from the 70s and three straight entire above 50, Tannehill regressed to his pre-injury self, finishing with a 6.5 against Minnesota. It was his second-worst Full QBR of this season (4.2 against New England in Week 4) and next worst of his livelihood.

It is easy to understand by looking at the box score Tannehill was single digits, since he was sacked a shocking nine times, four of which came on fourth downs. Tannehill was efficient even if we discard his nine sacks. He had a raw QBR of merely 21.2 on his non-sack pass efforts and rushing plays.

Total QBR: 14.2

Regrettably for Newton, there’s absolutely no injury adjustment in QBR. Newton was by an wounded shoulder, and it revealed. It revealed watching the game; at the end he could scarcely fire a pass to his receivers. And it revealed from the pass graph below.

Newton was only 1-of-6 on passes 10 or more yards downfield on Monday night, for example one key interception thrown to Eli Apple in the endzone. It’s difficult to have success without doing a little better compared to that about at least medium-distance targets When there are passers who flourish on quick cries from the NFL.

Only missed: Eli Manning, Ny Giants (19.3); Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (19.6)


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