A valuable commodity at the tv world before transitioning into mixed martial arts,” Aaron Chalmers has promised to help send a U.K. along with Irish tv deal in front of his Bellator Newcastle showdown using Corey Browning on Feb. 9.

The fight card for the Newcastle event was released Monday, also based on his foundation of assisting his previous company, BAMMA, within the line with a broadcast agreement, “The Joker” is confident the same can be achieved for Bellator.

Chalmers’ actress out of his days like a cast member of brought a completely different tv viewer into the U.K. game when BAMMA procured a deal with ITV 4 in front of his third professional fight. He claims 80 MTV channels broadcasted his Bellator debut and he’s intent on bringing the exact viewership into his outing for the promotion.

“Inform me yet another fighter rsquo; s three fights that can be placed Channel 5 on not only across, but additionally by 80 MTV channels? You can’t. I don’t care what anyone says, no other fighter can do that, it’so simple as that. MTV supported me to the hilt because I had been in an MTV show and they will be showing my fights all.

The fans which are in Newcastle for the fight, maybe 80 percent of them will be diehard MMA fans, however, the other 20 percent may possibly be fans, but they’re still from the stadium and so they ’re still encouraging, so what difference does it make? To be an MMA fan you’ve got to go to your first MMA fight; you’re not an MMA fan whenever you’reborn, you’t must build up to being a buff after you begin watching. What’s O Geordie Shore fans can’t be MMA fans, as rsquo & this;so exactly what I believe happens. ”

For his recent fight announcement, Chalmers poked fun at Bellator’s infamous Peppa Pig faux-pas that saw that the adored kiddies ’s cartoon beamed round the U.K. and Ireland instead of Gegard Mousasi’s name defense against Rory MacDonald.

While the U.S. pro motion has failed to acquire a regular live slot in Britain and Ireland, Chalmers believes that which will be sorted in time for the start of the pro motion ’s European show, that begins in Newcastle.

“I’m definitely going to be fair, yes,” responded Chalmers when asked when he had been the man that would help Bellator harness a television deal in the U.K. and Ireland.

“Look at within my [third ] fight we had that ITV 4 bargain. I had been chased until the Newcastle show that is last and I said, ‘What am I doing wrong? I’m bringing a show as BAMMA weren & rsquo; t likely to go there, & lsquo; also that I & rsquo; m bringing the television bargain & rsquo; to rsquo, & Newcastle;. What comes with this is sponsors begins approving the fighters. A good deal of people were like, ‘rsquo & & You &;re actually right, you’re bringing lots of things [into the dining table ] for boxers ’.

“this past 12 months, fighters got more sponsors because of it bargain, so some folks will see the fantastic stuff and that the bad will be seen by some people. ”

A household name at the U.K. and Ireland, Chalmers additionally discussed the value of a tv bargain concerning construction fighters’ manufacturing companies.

You’t have to put across your self, rsquo & this;s just how you make money. The other week, Take a look at the pro motion we thought , me and K [manager] sat back and we thought up ; I looked at this joke and he mixed the Peppa Pig item in with it. It’s little matters like you this ’ve got promote your self in the ideal way. This is how I view it now: you are the best fighter on the planet, but if you’re not promoting your self you’re not getting the chances you should be,” he clarified.

“rsquo & I;m getting chances that rsquo & I shouldn;t be as rsquo & I;m promoting myself in the way. ”


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