Two-time F1 world champion has departed grandprix racing at the end of the 2018 season, albeit leaving the door open into the next comeback.

His decision to compete elsewhere in 20-19, along with teammate Stoffel Vandoorne ensures that the team heads .

CEO Zak Brown left the door open to Alonso trying out the newest McLaren — and rookie Norris, who will make along side Carlos Sainz at 20-19, suggested he’d be inclined to offer some running up to possess Alonso sample the car.

“I think [his input] will probably be very valuable,” Norris said. “He has the best idea how the automobile changed over the years, the best connection with what’s good and what’s bad, a lot a lot more than I really do.

“I actually don’t know what is going to happen, if he’s going to engage in much. It is up to him.

“I presume it could be cool. Of course I want to possess many days [from the car] as you possibly can but if every one comes to an option and thinks it’s for the benefit of the entire team and his feedback will probably be just as important as mine or Carlos’s, I think that it’s a fantastic thing.”

Sainz shared his team mate’s opinion it would be a fantastic item for Alonso.

“it is a decision up into the direction than to ourselves, however I wouldn’t find it with awful eyes, I would see it like a fantastic point to own a driver such as Fernando comparing cars.”

While McLaren’s ending of sixth in the constructors’ standings at 2018 was a clear improvement on the last year’s nadir, the campaign itself was a disappointment more had been expected after a switch from Honda to Renault power.

The MCL33, fading poorly after an acceptable start to the summer, was usually at the exact bottom of the timesheets at the latter half of the year — and also Brown freely admitted it was”an extremely pool racecar”.

While McLaren underwent major operational changes in 2018, Norris admitted”no one knows” if the team should be able to turn things around since a year ago.

“[The team] have adequate ideas of things they are taking care of, bits they are attempting to boost, all these little points which you’ll say they have had plenty of data to say is much way better.

“Things can always change, at times it seems good from the wind-tunnel, to the aero mapping or whatever, and you also get to the track and it will take something slightly different to what you expect.

“Obviously they are confident they have been making the proper changes. There has been a major change in the team and how they are coming to the task for next year.

“They are focusing more on something [which ] is 100 percent better, as opposed to saying’it appears like it will be much better’ and putting it on the car.

“I presume they have a much greater understanding – but only time will say”

Lando Norris, McLaren MCL33

Lando Norris


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