However, you must go straight back prior to that to see when things really turned out for them. It had been on Sept. 30 against the Houston Texans that the impression was publicly displayed between coach Frank Reich and his players.

Reich, the first club coach of the Colts, may have played it safe and possibly settled for a tie against the Texans from punting on fourth-and-4 from their own 43-yard lineup in overtime. He travelled for it, the Colts failed for down the first, and they lost the game three plays later.

The Colts went on to lose their next two matches, too, including one to the fighting New York Jets. That pushed Indy’s losing streak to four, dropped its record to 1-5 and had the team appearing as it could possibly be on its way to a high pick in the 20-19 draft.

Reich was criticized by a few on the surface not punting the ball away and letting his nature have the best of him.

The players?

They were frustrated, upset, angry, whatever you want to call it on the loss, but there was no questioning of Reich’s decision publicly or even privately. They adored what their coach did fourth down the day.

“The fourth down c all solidified every thing for people as players, because he thinks in us that we’re going to go from fourth down and we’re going to get it,” Colts centre Ryan Kelly said. “If we punt, it is really a very different message you are sending for players. He said that from Day 1. That is something that the players got behind”

That is Frank Reich.

The Colts (8-6) have gone from the Josh McDaniels fiasco past winter, to openly admitting Reich wasn’t even on their top-five collection of candidates, to now being the team that is among the roughest in the NFL. The one that could be back in the playoffs for the first time with Reich — as 2014.

As Reich said during his opening news conference back in February,”the backup role” has suited him well in his livelihood. The former quarterback spent years backing-up Jim Kelly with the Buffalo Bills, but throughout his playing days he also led historical come-backs while in Maryland and after having the Bills, therefore it willn’t be surprising Reich is leading the Colts back to playoff contention.

The easiest way for the Colts to help make the play offs is by winning the final two matches against the New York Giants on Sunday (1 rebounds ET, CBS) and also at Tennessee in Week 17. They’d need Baltimore or Pittsburgh to reduce one of these final two if that happens.

“When you take a look in a season where you start 1-5, a great deal of questions can easily begin coming up across the construction, folks start exploring, wondering what’s happening, you begin getting confused and there’s readily a possibility you can stay off track and not get back on,” Colts linebacker Najee Goode said. “Frank didn’t let any of this happen. That is who he is rattled. It’s trendy to play because of him and see him never change”

He’s spot on. He’s not a yeller or even screamer. He’s a very good, serene motivator. You realize where he is coming from. He has thrilled and he is fiery and stuff that way, but he is not a yeller.”

Reich likely wont win NFL Coach of the Year, but there ought to not be a doubt that he’ll get a few votes if the Colts make the play offs. This stretch of victory has comprised that the Colts beating against Dallas and Houston, which were about nine- and five-game winning streaks. They have also beaten five teams including four in the top 10, with guards ranked in the top 15.

“Players, we’ve got good players,” Reich said in regards to the turnaround. “We’ve got good players who aren’t only talented, but — what [general director ] Chris Ballard and I talked about was we wanted guys [who are] not just great, talented players but [have] high football personality. That is what we have. They make it easier. The type of thing does not occur in the event that you never have this type of quality of players, maybe not just gift but also the fortitude — the interior fortitude they have.”

The players first point the finger back at Reich.

Reich is dresses and discussions actually a coach who walks with the confidence that’s him and others.

Even if things weren’t going our way. That says a whole great deal about your personality, says a lot about the person you are. Guys respond to that. Never change and hold every man accountable. That is what you have to consume. It is irrelevant whether or not it’s Andrew Luck or somebody else on the roster. I think that is special.”

Reich seizes the prosperous moment only momentarily before he highlights the necessity to move on. As he explained in his post game speech via after blanking Dallas 23-0 on Sunday,”We are not done… Have to carry on in this way . Climbing that mountain, we’re near the top. We’re getting near its end. That is where probably the most difficult scale is”

The play offs come in sight. The Colts need to continue doing their part and get an assist in one of Baltimore or Pittsburgh’s opponents to move from a fourth down collapse and later being 1-5 to making a trip back.

“He says,’Reset the clockrefocus and let us get straight back to work. Let us finish strong.’ Frank is an incredible guy. You would like to bust your butt for a guy that way. We’d do anything for him personally. You want to fight .”


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