Dragons will delay naming a head trainer until at least January.

Forwards trainer Ceri Jones – originally placed accountable for one match – would remain at the helm for its three Christmas and New Year derbies.

Dragons held discussions however have ruled out the head trainer solution.

“We’ve made a decision to choose a permanent long-term solution,” said chairman David Buttress.

“We looked at possible scenarios including an interim trainer and had discussions with several people.

“An interim trainer could deeply be interrupted by the Six Nations when we travelled with some one from the Wales set-up.”

Dragons traveling to handle Cardiff Blues around 21 December before facing Scarlets on 5 January and hosting Ospreys nine months.

Jackman was able to win just five league matches and Buttress confessed they need to get the appointment of his successor directly.

“It is always we find a person that fits with your region,” said Buttress.

“We desire some one having an exceptional history in developing young local talent and bringing it as well as having strong man management to take care of the existing squad.

“Bernard put essential foundations , and some times once you take over a job where you’ve got a good deal of what to improve, it is the successor which benefits from the hard work.”

At the Scarlets, Australian John Mulvihill in Cardiff Blues and also Northern Ireland’s Allen Clarke heading upwards the Ospreys there are no traditional regional leader coaches accountable now.

“I would like to get the very best person for the job accordingly nationality is not a vital factor in the decision-making,” said Buttress.

“When the person is still more Welsh great, if the person isn’t this means we have chosen somebody who is the ideal fit for us.”

Dragons are the least successful Welsh region for at least 10 years and under Jackman the spot handled 1 1 wins in 44 games.

Buttress is hoping to change the record of recent times, asserting that the recruitment of the club had improved.

“I did not get involved with this because I thought it’d really be easy,” he said.

“We’ve got a great deal of potential however it really is planning to take time, and this is obvious to anybody who has visited the Dragons during the last ten decades.

“We’ve already won three league matches this season which was last year and the same as the season before.”


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