The Swedish driver will change into IndyCar next season later Sauber chosen for an all-new Lineup of both Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi for 20-19.

Ericsson cited his form as the reason rising rookie and star teammate Charles Leclerc over the season comprehensively beat him.

But, Ericsson said his fifth season in F1’d”absolutely been my strongest”, together using 17th Placemaking his best championship finish.

“It’s the race pace that’s been quite good this year,” said Ericsson. “I’ve had any really strong races.

“Qualifying has been the problem, I’ve been too much back in contrast to Charles and that has made it difficult to maintain with his points tally.

“On tyre management I’m one of the strongest on the market at the present time in Formula 1. That has been my main advantage this season “

The nine-point drag from 2018 of ericsson matched his previous best in f 1, from’15, while he procured a career-best sixth-place beginning in the Grand Prix.

He was unfortunate not to gain from the late-season burst of form, as floor hurt prior to the Brazilian GP even started stopped him from making the most of his grid and he retired from the season finale as well.

Team boss Frederic Vasseur said:”The last part of the summer season he is in precisely the identical lap time just like Charles – facing of Charles in Sao Paolo, only behind him in Austin.

“It was very valuable for Charles and to possess some one for a reference such as Marcus.

“Marcus has the benefit of great technical feedback and he helped us alot at a certain stages of their growing season to take decisions on the side”

Ericsson said he took pride in the character he played in helping Sauber go from the team into being a regular finisher at the race.

“The whole year was my most useful in Formula 1, especially the improvement from beginning of the growing season to now,” said Ericsson.

“Back in Melbourne we started in the floor together with Williams pretty much, after which we are improving very impressively there after and I believe very much a part of this.

“Me and Charles worked very hard together with the team to demonstrate the way we wish to go, and also the team obviously listened to us and also did a very fantastic job in improving the vehicle “


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