FA Cup fifth-round replays is going to be taken 1 season earlier than planned, from this season’s contest.

The movement is to help avert fixture congestion after six Premier League clubs reached the Champions League and also Europa League knock out stages.

There is also a round of Premier League fixtures scheduled towards the end of both March and February.

This season round will probably remain as originally scheduled in the weekend of 16-17 February.

It’ll go to gallop with no replays – in 2019 20 – as a portion of the mid-season player break agreed at June by Premier League, the Football Association and also EFL.

Last season, League One Rochdale made a fifth-round re-play at Wembley after drawing 2-2 with Tottenham thanks to Steve Davies’ dramatic injury time equaliser.

The prize fund to the competition was pitched at the beginning of the growing season and also for this year if a round tie ends in a draw after 90 seconds , the prize money of £360k is going to be split.

75% will be given into the loser to the winner of this tie and 25%.

The FA Cup second round has been scheduled for that weekend of Saturday, 5 January 2019.


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