At least not in America.

But in his home country of Germany, Nzeocha’s name is just starting to ring outside such as the German expert athlete in American sport: legendary Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki.

At fan voting for this season’s Pro Bowl in his home country, look for proof Nzeocha’s blossoming fame. Amid the ballot being topped by the usual suspects, there stays Nzeocha since the top vote-getter in the NFC for the spot.

Fan voting stopped with Nzeocha racking 183,150 votes, which was most among all special-teamers up. In accordance with the NFL, roughly 80 per cent (146,520) of Nzeocha’s votes originated in Germany. Nzeocha had service from all over Germany, not his little home municipality of Neusitz. Unless, of course, every person in Neusitz searched for Nzeocha about 71 times.

“Honestly, it means the universe,” Nzeocha said. “The football community in Germany is really small and it’s such a tight-knit group, it’s just like if a lot of us makes it, everyone is behind him. That is super cool to watch. … It’s a fresh sport in Germany and that the attention is growing, which is truly cool to watch. I assume a growing number of people are actually getting and they have shown all of the Sunday games online TV today and it will help the NFLjust enlarging the stage. It’SA fantastic thing”

If they made it nzeocha and the rest of this season’s Pro Bowl hopefuls will find out Tuesday night. Under the present arrangement, the fan voting balances for onethird of this equation with trainer and player voting rounding the others out. If Nzeocha is selected, he will need his own special place among Germans playing major American sports in history.

For the most part, NFL fans voting for the Pro Bowl do not have an idea that to vote for in the teams spot. Proof that is discovered at the disparity between the vote getters in, state, the teams position, and quarter back.


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