CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It’s not only time to sit Cam Newton for other summer season. It’s time to get the Carolina Panthers to look at a potential long-term replacement for their franchise quarterback in free agency or even the draft.

The uncertainty surrounding lingering difficulties with Newton’s right shoulder raises many questions that rise above Carolina’s six-game losing series and inch percent chance to help make the playoffs. Which will be the consequences, In case the 2015 MVP must have a second shoulder operation within just two decades? Can he miss out an entire season as Indianapolis Colts quarter back Andrew Luck did in 2017 after using a similar operation?

Of course, if operation isn’t the answer, will resting Newton the full offseason and the next two games ensure this dilemma will not crop up in 2019?

Bear in mind, Newton said ahead of this year than he had , he felt better. After he retreated 2-2 moves in Week 6 in the fourth quarter of a triumph in , the Panthers started restricting his throwing , for the large part .

Newton played the next a couple of weeks to get Carolina to 6-2. The 2010 Heisman Trophy winner insisted that he played with the best football of his career, even after the streak reached . He then also threw four interceptions the future game in Tampa Bay.

After having one in just three of those eight newton currently has thrown a minumum of one interception in six games.

The frustration never was magnified than after Monday night’s 12-9 loss to the saints in which Newton was coming up short on short moves. The 29-year-old quarter back was almost begging to why he proceeds to have stiffness and soreness at the shoulder, so for all from acupuncture to massages hasn’t helped.

He had none.

“You can’t rub magical dust about it, go to this or that person, have the placebo things done where you think sure things are what they have been — and you come out and you’re still the same,” Newton said. “Over the last couple of weeks, nothing has really changed.”

1 thing has. The Panthers (6-8) are for all practical purposes outside of the playoff picture and focused on next season with two games remaining against Atlanta and New Orleans.

This puts the onus on the staff and coach .

“I can’t tell you what I’m going to say until I get an opportunity to understand where he’s when it comes to his physical condition and mental condition,” Rivera said on Tuesday of his own plans continue for Newton. “it is a difficult situation right now. Until I get an opportunity to visit with him I am not going to take a position.”

It’s really a tough situation in a variety of ways. Newton wants to play and there has not been any sign playing is likely to produce the shoulder simpler. Rivera wants to triumph, and the two games may play a role in whether owner maintains his head coach. No team moved from 6-2 to 610 since the went to a 16-game schedule in 1978.

Rivera did not exactly sound as a coach who was given a vote of confidence.

“Absolutely, because I don’t know,” Rivera said when asked just how much he hates being inquired concerning his long run. “I have been through it two or three times my initial two seasons [610, 7-9]. But by the end of the day, it comes down to a single person, which is the only person that understands”

He’ll require a healthier Newton to succeed, In case Rivera returns. Rivera will require a nutritious choice if Newton isn’t healthy.

That could come through free agency. Whether would like to join a situation where they could remain a backup is a question.



Panthers coach said he won’t have a conversation concerning ’s sore right shoulder until later in the day. He says Newton gives Carolina the very best chance to win. “I can’t tell you need I’m going to say until I get an opportunity to understand where he’s when it comes to his physical condition and mental condition,” Rivera said of Newton. “it is a difficult situation right now. Until I get an opportunity to visit with him I am not going to take a position.” Video from David Newton

The draft also is definitely an option. The Panthers have not surrendered another quarter back since making Newton the No. 1 pick in 2011. That the upcoming quarter back class isn’t great means picking out a project in the middle rounds.

Since Marty Hurney came back ahead of the 2017 year old as the manager the Panthers have been looking for a potential longterm replacement for Newton out the draft.

They’ve brought in free agency who have not panned out in candidates. They moved on from veteran Derek Anderson since Newton’s backup this season and proceeded with Heinicke as a result of his previous experience in offensive coordinator Norv Turner’s system at Minnesota.

But the Panthers really don’t know what they’ve in Heinicke, who doesn’t have an start, and it has pitched just five moves. Another two games are an opportunity to find out if Heinicke can be. If not, that makes the moves in terms of a quarter back more critical.

Now, Rivera isn’t ready to commit to that until somebody from the staff says he needs to closed down Newton. He did not sound as a coach ready to offer a clipboard to Newton.

“We will get an opportunity to visit and discuss” he said to becoming with Newton and his medical team in the future Tuesday. “I will get a chance to determine where he could be emotionally. Hopefully, he’ll be able to get beyond this one and we’ll move from there.”


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