BOSTON — In the aftermath of Stephen Curry‘s contentious remarks purport that humans landed on the moon, Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving — who knows firsthand something said could turn into a national story line — said at times it may be hard for athletes to speak their minds.

“There is world hunger happening, there’s political things happening there’s so many high things happening at the totem pole of society which matter to people,” Irving said after the Celtics’ clinic Tuesday. “But, hey, Steph Curry says he does not believe in the skies [landing], it is the what over. It’s on CNN. And they say we’re just jocks. We athletes. Nonetheless, it’s on your channel. Which means do you understand what I mean? Like we’re this, but that you do not desire us to be that.”

Curry’s initial comments in regards to the moon arrived The Ringer’s”Winging It” podcast earlier this month. Later, after NASA invited him to see the lunar laboratory at the Johnson Space Center at Houston, the Golden State Warriors star told ESPN’s Nick Friedell he had been horrified about the entire thing.

“One thousand percent. When I had been speaking about the podcast Clearly I had been horrified. [Then] I silently protested how dumb it was people actually took this quote and made it law ,’Oh my God, he’s a fake-moon-landing truther,’ whatever you want to call it, yada yada. So I silently protested that part about it the story took a life of its own.

“But with respect to the reaction I’ve gotten, I’m going to take [NASA] up on their offer. Shine a light and I am going to educate myself first hand that NASA has been doing. And people realize that instruction is power, telling yourself is power. For know that you shouldn’t believe something simply because is said by somebody. You should research your options and know exactly what you actually believe.”

Those comments — such as Curry’s — quickly took to a life of their very own, and eventually became one of the greatest issues of this calendar year’s all star Weekend, with both LeBron James along with NBA commissioner Adam Silver weighing in on them. Irving apologized at a Forbes Under 30 event within October, saying he had failed to understand the power of his words in the world before saying .

“Even in case you believe in this, do not turn out and say stuff. That is for conversations and how you’re received, it alters. I’m actually a smart ass individual,” he said. “In the time I did not realize the result. I was at the time,’I’m a major conspiracy theorist. You can’t tell anything to me ‘ I’m sorry about all that. For all the science teachers, everybody like,’You know I need to reteach my whole curriculum!’ I’m sorry. I apologize. I apologize”


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