Neath Supporters Club has now welcomed owner Mike Cuddy’s announcement that he is prepared to relinquish control.

Cuddy told BBC Sport Wales he was willing to pay the distressed club which escaped a winding up request earlier this month.

Neath have postponed two league games after a failure to raise teams and are bottom of the Principality Premiership.

Neath Supporters group said that the news was”great pre-Christmas” news.

Fans have predicted for Cuddy to quit while 6-8 former players, including ex-Wales internationals Paul Thorburn, Duncan Jones and Rowland Phillips, have put their name to a statement organised by Martyn Morris submitted on the club internet site advocating possession to improve handson.

Cuddy initially signaled he wished to stay and develop the club again, but says he is willing to leave because of his ill-health and considers a takeover could possibly be done”within weeks”.

A Neath Supporters announcement :”Mike Cuddy’s decision to leave Neath Rugby was warmly welcomed with the Neath Rugby supporters group which has recently expressed an interest in coping together with fresh investors to save the club.

“The group has acknowledged the impact of monetary troubles and ill-health on Mr Cuddy and believes his final decision to leave’within weeks’ may be the best outcome for all concerned and amazing pre-Christmas news for many Neath Rugby supporters.”

But the group remains cautious and insisted it wouldn’t be buying the club.

The announcement continued:”We’ve been in regular contact with Mr Cuddy for a few weeks ; whilst Mr Cuddy has said is his intention to sell the bar, no evidence of a possible sale has emerged.

“Mr Cuddy was told a week from your supporters group it was 100% goal on doing whatever possible to restore Neath Rugby to the people of Neath but had no interest in buying Neath Rugby Limited from Mr Cuddy.

“Our message is we have been prepared to take over the running of Neath right as he makes the decision to leave.

“The supporters group has emphasised all through the club must become before anybody plus it’ll be delighted to help any persons interested in investing in Neath with the aim of restoring its reputation both on and off the industry.

“Supporters are fearful an exodus of players and coaches, mounting debts and two delayed fittings are going to result in Neath being relegated to the lowest branch of the WRU for its first time in its own 147 years of existence.”


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