Shelby Harris (96) celebrates after his victory-sealing interception from the Steelers in Week 12. 

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Tucked away behind the Denver Broncos‘ battles this season are success stories like this of Shelby Harris.

Even though it’s hard to find anyone in the NFL to admit anything surprises them, Harris was a surprise — at first a nice surprise and then the needed surprise.

Or as Denver defensive coordinator Joe Woods has put it”We always tell the narrative that he was fundamentally one day away from getting cut only from clinic in [the 20 17 ] offseason. He turned it . He is one of the most productive players. He is just very smart, plays great leverage and it is only a natural playmaker back “

Broncos coach Vance Joseph also offers offered this to Harris:”my very first spring when I saw Shelby work out, I told Kollar,’He’s got about a week before he cut him.’ He was that bad that spring.”

Harris is no stranger to being cut. He’s been five times in his career by three distinct teams — that the Oakland Raiders, New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys — since joining the league since a seventh-round choice by the Raiders in 2014.

Twenty months after that spring with the Broncos, Harris is a routine at the defensive line rotation as a versatile athlete that contains, and can, played as a defensive end and a nose handle. Harris can be one of six Broncos with a minumum of 1 sack and an interception and has played this season.

“I suppose that the light came ,” Joseph said.” … The guy’s been playing really great football since I’ve already been here. He is only a genuine guy. He rushes the passer, he’s stout when he needs to be, can play a number of spots, only a good football player.”

Harris offered his assessment.

“You just keep working,” Harris stated. “In those times where you get trimmed, you look at it and see what the situation were and what you need to do. But some times, it’s merely taking advantage of chances you have. You keep employed by those chances and when you receive them and start looking at yourself too. But if you quit working, nobody will give you a second chance. I kept working.”

Harris’ finest moment in a sometimes troubled year for the Broncos closed one of the very best wins of the team. This was Harris who snatched Ben Roethlisberger‘s pass in the final seconds of a 24-17 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1 2.

The interception came on a third-and-2 from the Broncos’ lineup with 1 minute to play. In addition, it arrived exactly the day Harris’ wife gave birth to a girl. Harris called it”living my very best life.”

Since Harris is scheduled for considered a free agent in March, he is one on a very long list of impending free agents to the Broncos.

“I really feel as that I have a Great Deal of potential and that I’m still advancing,” said Harris, who gets a Opportunity to face the group that drafted him Monday night in Oakland.” … I know that this firm and I approach it like every day I have to venture out, practice or games, and reveal everything that I will do. That won’t be changed by me; I do need to finish this out season. I believe I can function improved, although I believe I’ve proven some of my game. Ido.”


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