There is no secret Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen is actually a person of hardly any words, but they’re consistently – errm -‘poetic’… in their particular way.

So much so that a selection of these Finn’s quotes and team performers communications are made to a book of haiku.

A haiku is a common form of poetry, with each poem.

The book’Winnow Your Words’ was published in October, however, an copies must be produced to meet massive demand from Kimi fans.

It is clarified by releasing spouses Autosport as”a celebration of Kimi’s accurate, succinct and completely ambiguity-free means of speaking. No words, factual yet full of character. Exactly like in haiku, the sweetness is at the “.


Always on silent.

I do not enjoy when it rings and

Individuals are calling.

Here’s another…

You always need

To have a winning automobile,

But There’s No guarantee

That it is going to be.

Succinct ever, Kimi.

Proceeds will be donated to the Grand Prix Trust – a non invasive organisation which helps when things fail, f 1 team employees get their lives back on track.

If you fancy writing your own haiku around Kimi Raikkonen, then feel free to send them to us using the hashtag #BBCF1


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