So it’s only fitting that another chapter of the Houston native’s career will probably see him traveling the planet searching for championships in many martial arts disciplines.

The old recently ended his agency by joining rsquo Asia &; ONE Championship, s largest pro motion and departing the UFC.

And the fact ONE stages contests in kickboxing, Muay Thai, also MMA played a factor in his decision to sign , as Northcutt says he wishes to be a world champion in every three.

“Exactly what I think is cool is, they have, not only do they will have MMA, however additionally they have muaythai plus so they will have kickboxing,” Northcutt said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour with Luke Thomas. “So, I do am interested in being the champion in MMA, I do want to be the champion in kickboxing and Muay Thai. I would like to perform it all. And that I presume that because I really feel I & rsquo; m definitely going to produce my own skills that are different in every one of the and that I believe are the champ in every one of them ONE Championship will be cool. I think it’s the ideal league. ”

Northcutt, whose three-year UFC travel culminated in a second-round knock-out of Zak Ottow at UFC Boise in July, guessed to have plenty of suitors as a and marketable fighter who’s beginning to tap into his potential. This was confirmed by Northcutt needing time beyond the UFC’s exclusivity window before enrolling with the company.

“I always kept the options ” Northcutt mentioned. “However, that I knew when I went to have the Zak Ottow struggle there is definitely going for a 90-day interval. I wasn’t convinced if the UFC would definitely make me wait 90 days to get back with me or if these were likely to come in match and also then to supply exactly what some league offered. ”

A vacation to Singapore to watch ONE helped cement Northcutt’s no opinion.

“It was trendy,&rdquo. “There have been a great deal of those who have said that really harbor ’t seen their own events, they were saying, ‘hey Sage, I don’t know if you would like to attend at least one because, they may perhaps well not as big as the UFC is’. But, over there at ONE Championship, they had more than 35 million viewers watching the fights… it’s absolutely huge and that I presumed it was really cool how, when you walked out they had fireworks shooting out through the stadium and proper the people that had the title won the 1 championship or defended their title, they had golden confetti everywhere. It was very cool. ”

Northcutt’s glowing optimism stands outside in the oft-rancorous MMA world, however even he noticed the UFC did actually be putting him on ice a bit because he headed toward the final struggle of his contract, which ultimately was the win over Ottow. On a few occasions, as the UFC and Northcutt negotiated, potential bouts fell through or were pushed back.

“Ahead of the struggle the UFC’d put me off a bit,” Northcutt expressed. “I had scheduled a struggle and they had tried to re sign me, I figure, and we’re negotiating with them and so they said we’re likely to move you to the card, and the following card, then it got moved into the next card into the next card and then I finally must struggle, so the time period retained being put off and put off and put off. ”

Nevertheless, you’re not going to get Northcutt to bad mouth his UFC encounter.

He got color from fellow fighters had some stumbles in the cage, then went to Team alpha-male and start to mature as an rivals. He went.

“I think my favorite moments are two minutes,&rdquo. “Coming into the UFC, being the youngest fighter to enter into the UFC, also winning the maximum fights being undefeated 5-0 at lightweight in the UFC, along with also my last struggle, going out with a knock out and showing how much that I really ’ve improved since my very first fight in the UFC against Zak Ottow. ”

Those experiences will serve him well because he heads to at least one, where he’so expected to make a February or March debut, and tries his own ambitious objective of becoming a champion.


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