OKLAHOMA CITY — A otherwise hohum blow out by the Oklahoma City Thunder across the Chicago Bulls became unexpectedly stressed Monday night for a squabble spilled into court-side fans as coaches and players tried to separate the teams.

It started by Russell Westbrook along with Kris Dunn in the third quarter of the Thunder’s 121-96 win, as Westbrook type of pushed Dunn to which Dunn responded with a full-scale push. Thunder forward Jerami Grant ran over and faced Dunn, after Which Bulls centre Robin Lopez came to interject. Grant was kind of walked by lopez into the seats, and Grant pulled Lopez down into the fans.

Bulls coach Jim Boylen, who’d run across the court, pulled away and grabbed Grant. Thunder assistant coach Dave Bliss stepped facing Lopez and divided him as Lopez struggled to increase ground when pointing his finger along with unleashing a rigorous scowl toward Grant along with Steven Adams.

“I am only hoping to find people from the way,” Boylen said. “I watched [Grant] come from the other side of the courtroom and into the heap. I am only attempting to find him. I can tell he was upset. I am only hoping to help, only trying to help guys. There’s no… as a coach, you are sort of looking out to everyone. I’ve been at a couple of the earlier and you are only trying to have people away.”

Said Grant, if asked if he had a problem with Boylen catching him:”Trying to protect his team. Yeah. Pretty much it… it’s a scuffle. Materials is going to occur.”

This was an odd scene with the capability to escalate to a position as Lopez was agitated and aggressively moving after Grant, while being directly in the front of the first row of fans.

“It felt as though I got twisted and turned a bit by someone by that seat there,” Lopez explained. “I don’t understand. From then on, something happened.”

You will find four technicals assessed two to each side — Grant and Westbrook for the tussle, Dunn and Lopez.

“Man,” Westbrook said when asked if he was amazed to receive a technical. “Next question.”

“The following question,” he said when asked about his reaction to Boylen catching Grant.

Boylen, that made headlines for objective and also his practice approach to re set the Bulls civilization and recently took over for Fred Hoiberg, said he desired to visit his team back down.

“That is all we are talking about is fighting for each other and we talk about being a bunch of wolves, person,” Boylen said. “I thought we had any of that. I liked the look in our guys’ eyes when that happened. They were ensured a bit by it. That is what we’ve been talking about. Those activities will come up again, it takes place in the league. I think we’ll be ready for this the next time to take care of it better.”

Lopez was ejected a few minutes later after getting called for a foul and also picking up for rolling the ball Grant, who’d been knocked down his second technical.

“He wanted the ball to shoot the free throws,” Lopez explained. They had an abnormally massive workload for the initial half of that quarter and I wished to help them out, facilitate their pain a little bit, facilitate their burden. And I figure maybe not everyone watched it exactly the same way.”

Paul George directed the Thunder with 24 points and rebounds using a 16-point second quarter that comprised 6-of-6 shooting because the Thunder built a 20-point halftime lead. After the scuffle, the match lost some flow and George lost some rhythm, lost six of his shots in the second half.

“It got a little chippy,” George stated.


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