Writer: Kristjan Andresson


Key Players: Jim Gottfridsson (Centreback ), Mikael Appelgren (Goal Keeper )


Qualification for the 2019 World-championship: Winner of European qualification Play off versus Netherlands


History in Tournament: 1938: 3rd, 1954: 1 St, 1958: 1st, 1st, 1961: 3rd, 1964: Second, 1967: 5th, 1970: 6th, 1974: 10th, 1978: 8th, 1982: 11th, 1986: 4th, 1990: 1st, 1993: 3rd, 1995: 3rd, 1997: Second, 1999: 1st, 2001: Second, 2003: 13th, 2005: 11th, 2007: DNQ, 2009: 7th, 2011: 4th, 2013: DNQ, 2015: 10th, 20 17: 6th


On September 20-16, the Icelandic-born trainer Kristjan Andresson took control for Sweden. The team originated out of a 11th rank. It was rsquo Andresson & action to start a process with a renewed team that could bring the days for your Swedes back.


At France 20 17, having a mean age lower-than 26, Sweden showed a fresh and highly effective hand ball that ended in 6th place — they certainly were pumped out from the hosts 33:30 from the quarterfinals after a wonderful performance. It was clear some thing was growing for the nation.


At the 2018 EURO at Croatia, Sweden revealed they aren’t merely a potential of the near future but an actual candidate at the series for those awards on the worldwide hand ball stage. It was after a 35:34 success after extra-time contrary to Denmark they characterized to the continental tournament’s final and might have the delight of playing for gold — something the Swedish fans could possibly be used to, but many of their players aren’t. “I believe amazing, it can be a success. It is going to be the final of my own life! ” declared wing Jerry Tollbring this night.


When Spain were superior at the final and won the match 29:23, it’s inevitable to mention howmuch Sweden have improved in this past two years. May make a big difference. “Our fantasy is to meet our potential and fight for the most effective rankings. We know from past experiences that there are many teams that may fight for your awards, for example Sweden,” expresses coach Andresson.


Sweden Play-maker Jim Gottfridsson was granted MVP of those 2018 EURO. The SG Flensburg-Handewitt player was the leading scorer of the team with 29 goals.


Other high lights of the European silver medallists were their goalkeepers: Mikael Appelgren and Andreas Palicka united were the best at keeping their goal safe (120 conserves in total at a 3-6% rate). Both wear Rhein-Neckar Löwen’s jersey at the Bundesliga, which may explain why they work really well together.


The other two Swedes in Rhein-Neckar Löwen are the 23-year old left-wing Jerry Tollbring and lineup player Jesper Nielsen. Rightwing Niclas Ekberg and 21-year-old left back Lukas Nilsson play at the Bundesliga: they are team mates at THW Kiel.


Even if they have “good players in each position”, for Kristjan Andresson “to triumph we have to play as a team. ” The trainer knows he has “athletes competing in main nightclubs that are used to playing with the games.


“We’ve never played against Angola, but certainly are very familiar to another teams from the World Championship group D,” high-lights Kristjan. “Qatar have now been at the podium Argentina are a team who’ve beaten us and we have big admiration for Hungary and Egypt.


“We would like to make it to the most important around and I am sure we can achieve this when we do our homework and then stick with our game plans. Of course we’d like it & rsquo; s a very long way to make it, & rdquo, however to play with with the last weekend at Herning.


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Group in Germany/Denmark 2019

Group D: Sweden, Hungary, Qatar, Argentina, Egypt, Angola


Games in Germany/Denmark 2019
All times local


Friday 11 January Egypt vs Sweden (20:30)
Sunday 1-3 January Sweden vs Argentina (20:30)
Monday 14-January Sweden vs Angola (20:30)
Wednesday 16 January Qatar vs Sweden (20:30)
Thursday 17 January Sweden vs Hungary (20:30)


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Photo: Swedish Handball Federation


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