57, averof Panteli, admitted throwing it but denied there is a racial element for his actions.

But court ruled:”It was a targeted gesture to throw away a banana skin after having a goal was scored by way of a black player”

Magistrate Mervyn Mandell included:”We’ve from the situation found that the racial element was still there.”

Van motorist Panteli was fined £500, that was increased by pound;100 for its element, and told to cover for £135 in costs.

Panteli had been identified on CCTV and the court heard , after being arrested by way of a steward, he explained:”It was not a racial thing it just happened”

His solicitor, Leila Rasool, said Panteli had been going to Tottenham games for 50 years without incident and was of”exceptional personality”.

She also told the court:”He hasn’t been charged for almost any racially aggravated public order .

“He had been detained for that although no action has been taken in respect of this matter.

“Police told Mr Panteli that they accepted his account and didn’t think there is a racial element.”


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