UFC on FOX 3 1 — the last card at a seven year deal between the UFC and FOX — ended with average ratings after the totals nationwide were tallied.

2018 hasn’t been a banner year for UFC ratings on FOX whilst the promotion prepares to go on into the ESPN family of programs next yr.

The very first fast overnight ratings provided some hope for its UFC on FOX card from Milwaukee but those numbers ended up falling once the closing statistics from the west coast were facets into the average audiences for its card headlined by Al Iaquinta and Kevin Lee.

UFC on FOX 3 1 averaged 1.828 million audiences over the two-plus hour broadcast.

The very first fast overnight ratings had the broadcast at 2.153 million audiences but that metric just measures the most notable 55 markets for Nielsen and often times leaves out a big area of the west coast.

The concluding card did better numbers than two other cards that this year — UFC on FOX 27 and UFC on FOX 30 — but those two would be the lowest score occasions at the annals of the UFC on FOX television deal.

Here are the average ratings for your Five S FOX cards in 2018:

UFC on FOX 28: 2.037 million

UFC on FOX 29: 2.02 million

UFC on FOX 3 1: 1.828 million

The last card ended predicated on the 2018 demonstrates aired on FOX.

The summit viewership for its card came throughout the major event where Iaquinta defeated Lee by hasty conclusion with 2.402 million audiences.

The UFC will air an additional show on the FOX networks with an UFC 232 prelim card scheduled to air on FOX Sports 1 on Dec. 29.

From there, UFC’s complete masterpiece of programming will proceed to ESPN and ESPN+ with the very first card kicking off Jan. 19 from Brooklyn, N.Y.

The ratings for this card will probably be a little harder to estimate, though, as the main card will air only on ESPN+, which is actually a subscriber based service.

The full UFC on ESPN card won’t air on the network until February.


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