Lewis Hamilton has ever sought to spell out a comment at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year (Spoty) awards in that he seemingly uttered his hometown.

The F1 ace, that comes from Stevenagesaid it was his dream to”escape out of their slums”.

His comment sparked outrage on societal networking.

Speaking earlier in the day on Instagram,” Hamilton said he was”super proud” of Stevenage, and that he”decided the wrong words”.

Throughout the awards, he said:”It really was a fantasy for all as a family group to do some thing different. For people to escape the slums.

“Wellnot only the slums, but to escape from somewhere and do some thing. We all set our aims very, very high but we did so as a team”

The opinion sparked a backlash and prompted the pioneer of Stevenage Borough Council to express that it was”unsatisfactory” and that people felt”very offended”.

Five-time F 1 world champion Hamilton chose to Insta-gram to”send a message to the folks in the United Kingdom but in addition to the people of Stevenage”.

“I am super-proud of where I have come out and I hope that you realize that I represent in the best way I can always and nobody’s perfect,” he said.

“I definitely create mistakes quite frequently and especially if you are up before a crowd looking for the ideal words expressing the very long travel that you’ve needed in life. I picked the wrong words.

“But I did not mean anything from it and those among you who know me personally realize that I always mean love so God bless you. Enjoy a great moment.”

Stevenage was designated the United Kingdom’s very first New Town in 1946.

Devised to the postwar housing crisis of London, it today includes a population of roughly 88,000.

Athletic and star stars that hail involve the footballer Jack Wilshere, celebrity Leslie Phillips and golfer Ian Poulter.


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