PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Steelers running back James Conner celebrated his first Pro Bowl nod on social media by copying a 2015 text from Aaron Donald, his former teammate at Pitt who encouraged him through his cancer struggle.

Donald, a la Rams defensive tackle who’s largely believed the NFL’s best defensive player, spoke an expert Bowl into life for Conner, who represented on that message from his or her locker.

“It was awesome for that in the future in reality,” said Conner after Wednesday’s practice, at that he failed to engage while recovering from a high knee. “This has been a screenshot from 2015, that has been my motivation. I was talking to him about it last night. I only shared the one from Aaron Donald because he said Pro-Bowl inside. Considering that the Pro-Bowl arrived out. Therefore lots of people achieved. I’d that screenshot for a couple of years “

Conner defeated Hodgkin’s Lymphoma punctually to play with the 20-16 season at Pitt and get selected by the Steelers in the next round of this 20 17 draft. He’s got 909 racing yards and 12 touchdowns in 12 games as Le’Veon Bell’s chief replacement.

He enjoys the noise of James Conner, Pro Bowler.

“It’s this kind of blessing. Came a ways. Enormous honor,” Conner said. “Happy I’t got any of my mates along with me personally. We ’rein a better bowl. But it’s an honor, though.”


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