Leclerc, f 1’s star rookie of 2018, will replace Raikkonen along side Sebastian Vettel next season and has been tipped to fight to the name in his very first year with all the famed Italian team.

Brawn, that was a portion of Ferrari’s victory with Michael Schumacher in his bout at the team from 1997 to 2006, believes Vettel are certain to get yourself a sterner struggle.

“I don’t imagine Charles Leclerc is going to be quite as accommodating as Kimi had been on occasions,” said Brawn within a meeting on f 1’s official site.

“Kimi is his own man, do not misunderstand me, however, that I presume Kimi knew what the lay of the land was in the team”

Four-time world champion Vettel has already said he does not expect “any such thing wrong “ together with Leclerc next season.

Vettel is likely to soon be under some great pressure remain its primary tournament competitor following having a 2018 season by which his mistakes helped extend Ferrari run with out a name and to lead the team.

Brawn said Vettel’s campaign was”mixed” but insisted improvements are necessary from both sides to best the all-conquering Mercedes/Lewis Hamilton combination on the complete season.

“He has had some great performances, also played a huge part in taking the team forward, in the long run, Seb and the team did not send,” said Brawn of Vettel’s season.

“They had a robust year but they have got to make that next measure and send and that’s Seb and the team.

“I don’t know the dynamic or chemistry in the team or Seb’s relationship while inside the team or how that all works.

“He made one or two errors, that will be unfortunate but together with drivers, that sometimes happens.

“The team seemed to produce a wrong turn technically for several races and then they came straight back again to an older spec which adjusted their form”

In final nine GPs vettel directed the championship and took victory from the very first race but then failed to triumph.

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That has been partially down to Ferrari’s development moving in the incorrect direction, however, Brawn said Vettel could not be considered a”impartial passenger” in those efforts.

“As a driver you’ve got to be involved with those matters,” Brawn said. “I remember when I had been at Ferrari, when we had something we were uncertain about, Michael [Schumacher] would be banging down my door to talk about it and spending some time with the engineers and work until he made himself confident using what had been going on.

“This inspires a team and can be a catalyst for individuals to take a look at matters in another manner or different perspective.

“The difference between success and failure is down to small matters.

“I actually don’t believe he or the team have to adjust things dramatically, they simply need that final bit of polish to get off the lineup “

Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari

Photo by: Zak Mauger / / LAT Pictures


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