A grand prix at the English city was more than a fantasy for all years but it is an option f 1 owner Liberty Media has continued to explore.

The long run of the British Grand Prix is under threat because current sponsor has activated a fracture clause in its own arrangement with f 1 which implies the 2019 race will probably be its last with no fresh deal.

However, f 1 has made it clear that it wants to keep its existence in Britain, should not grow it, and it’s surfaced a new option to race in London is being considered.

While a London grand prix has numerous logistical challenges, city may or Sadiq Khan is said to consider it realistic.

“The Mayor believes that it should be possible to perform a race London at the future, and it has asked his team explore options with f 1.”

“I presume because f 1 is a week long activity minimum, the disturbance it would lead to the centre of London will be improper,” said Brawn.

“I really don’t think Londoners really have to be concerned about us shooting over the centre of London to get a couple of days.

“But there are things on the periphery that are now being explored – not slap-bang at the centre of London but Greater London.”

F 1 held a demonstration in the streets of the funding last year the first such event considering one, before of the British GP in 2004.

Races were stored by Formula-E in its first 2 seasons, but a circuit was utilized by the series that was electric.

There has not been any advancement to negotiating a bargain that is new, but its own regulating body British Racing Drivers Club has ignored a study that a supply had recently been presented to f 1.

Before the season’s close, f 1 commercial Sean Bratches suggested that it had options beyond .

However, Brawn said that F1’s efforts would not come at the expense of both , which has become the F1 host since 1987.

“We could see ways we could make it work either side.

“London is an iconic city using a huge history in the game and there’s huge enthusiasm here.”


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