ASHBURN, Virginia — Washington Redskins safety Montae Nicholson will not play Saturday vs. the Tennessee Titans after a video emerged of the struggle that caused his arrest early Tuesday morning.

TMZ Sports released the video Wednesday showing Nicholson punching another man on the street five minutes from Redskins Park. Nicholson and a female companion were arrested for attacking a second couple, as demonstrated by some Loudoun County police report.

Nicholson was charged with assault and battery and being drunk in public areas. His companion, Sydney Maggiore, has been charged with malicious wounding and assault and battery.

The Redskins were still deciding exactly what to do with Nicholson, whether to suspend him or put him onto an inventory that will essentially end his life. Redskins coach Jay Gruden did say he wouldn’t play Saturday. The Redskins (77 ) have two games remaining and remain living in the playoff race.

Gruden said that they were attentive to the video and intended to look at it after meeting with the media. The video emerged as the Redskins were at clinic. In addition they planned to talk to Nicholson and then make a decision. Gruden said he was not sure if Nicholson would play again this season.

The 39-second video showed a portion of the episode that caused the arrest about two thirds outside the World of Beer at Ashburn. It showed the other man on top of some other female with Nicholson either attempting to pull off him or fighting him. It’s uncertain if the feminine was Maggiore. Another man was attempting to contain Nicholson, but Nicholson retreated off.

As the man awakened, Nicholson struck him with two left wing punches, the next of which knocked the guy to the bottom. The man got back up and, as yet another man tried to eliminate Nicholson he again pulled away and hauled the guy to the bottom.

The police report states that”an investigation ascertained the male suspect assaulted the male victim, and the feminine suspect struck the female victim having a jar plus also assaulted the victim.”

The report also says one among those victims claimed the altercation happened after the”suspects pulled up at a vehicle and honked the horn in them.” Nicholson and Maggiore came back to the spectacle after deputies arrived. Both alleged victims were treated in a regional hospital because of injuries that were considered acute but maybe not benign.

Redskins corner Josh Norman said he did not desire to talk about the specific situation because he did not know all the information. He said he did hit to Nicholson.

“That goes without saying,” Norman explained. “He’s still going to be in our [class ] dinner tomorrow. It’s exactly what it’s. But I really don’t know the complete details of what happened. We are going to figure out it. I guess on the company side if they want to do some thing, that is to them. I really don’t know.”

He’s dealing with a whole great deal. I really don’t know the information. I’ll support him fully and whole heartedly, man. That’s my brother.”

Nicholson, a second year protection, began the first seven games but lost his job once the Redskins exchanged for Ha Ha Clinton Dix . Nicholson has played in the last four games.


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