ASHBURN, Va. — Montae Nicholson will overlook out the remainder of the summer season after the Washington Redskins set the second-year safety on the book non-football accident list Wednesday.

The move came after a video emerged of this struggle that resulted in his arrest early Tuesday morning and subsequent charges for assault and battery and being drunk in public.

TMZ Sports released the video Wednesday showing Nicholson punching another man about the street five minutes from Redskins Park.

The league rules for the reserve/non-football disease list are just like with the physically unable to do list, meaning Nicholson might have to sit six weeks, rendering over his season. He fails to occupy a roster spot in this period.

The Redskins (7 7 ) have two games remain alive in the playoff race.

Gruden said that they were aware of the video and planned to view it afterwards meeting the press. The video emerged as the Redskins were in practice. Gruden said that they also were intending to consult with Nicholson prior to making the determination. Months after, Nicholson was put to the non-football accident reserve list.

The 39-second video revealed part of this incident that resulted in the arrest around 2 a.m. outside Planet of Beer at Ashburn. It showed one other man in addition to another female with Nicholson either trying to pull him off or fighting him. It’s unclear if the female was Maggiore. Another man was trying to comprise Nicholson, but Nicholson pulled away.

As the person awakened, Nicholson struck on him two left-handed punches, the second which knocked the man to the ground. The person got up and, like another man tried to eliminate Nicholson he pulled away and hauled the man to the floor.

The police report claims that”an investigation ascertained that the male defendant assaulted the man victim, and also the female defendant struck the female victim using a bottle and assaulted the victim”

The report says one of the victims maintained the altercation happened after the”suspects pulled up at a vehicle and honked the horn at them” Nicholson and Maggiore came back to the scene after deputies arrived. The two alleged victims were treated at a regional hospital for injuries which were considered acute but perhaps not benign.

Redskins corner Josh Norman said he did not desire to explore the situation because he did not know all the details. He said he did reach to Nicholson.

“That goes without saying,” Norman explained. “He is still going to be at our [group] dinner tomorrow. It’s what it is. But I really don’t know the whole information on what happened. We are going to figure out it. I guess on the organization side should they wish to do something, that’s to these. I really don’t know.”

Redskins linebacker Mason Foster said,”I have not spoke to him. He is going through a whole lot. I do not know the details. I’ll encourage him fully and wholeheartedly, man. That is my brother”

Nicholson, a second-year protection, began the first seven games but lost his job when the Redskins traded for ha-ha Clinton Dix . Nicholson have played the previous four games.


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