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The Teddy Bear Toss is one of hockey’s most joyous holiday traditions, as fans gathered tens of thousands of stuffed creatures onto the ice where they are collected for charity.

The cause for this moment could be that the house team scoring its first goal of the game, which it seemed the Sheffield Steelers of the U.K.’s Elite Ice Hockey League had achieved on Saturday night from the Coventry Blaze.

1 problem: The puck never crossed the goal line, thanks to a extraordinary pole save by Coventry goalie Miroslav Kopriva, that retained the puck out of the net using his paddle.

The fans watched Steelers forward Jonas Westerling observing that which he thought was his first goal, before seeing the referee waiving his arms to signify it hadn’t gone .

Nevertheless, it was too late: They began pitching their teddy bears across the glass and onto the ice in celebration of a no-goal.

“Hold those bears!” Bellowed the Steelers’ play by play announcer. “It is the scenario you panic!”

However, the bears weren’t stored. The fans continued with the teddy bear toss any way, even after it was obvious Sheffield hadn’t scored, throwing them onto the ice at a eerily quiet arena.

Perhaps it was this way, considering the Blaze wouldn’t allow a goal to the Steelers forever at a 2-0 shutout win. In the process, Kopriva entered his own name at the pantheon of all Grinches that have closed out the hometeam on Teddy Bear Toss nights.


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