An intimate first round followed by an authentic unproductive second round, Ottow feels he’d control of this fight from the 3rd and that helped him to secure a split-decision victory over Grant.

“I understand lots of guys see him dangling straight back and come back hurrying in with strikes and then he only knocks everybody out,” Ottow told “I had to be more smart about this and figure out the scope and start landing. I desired to be more smart and never give him too many counter tops opportunities.

“This was simply a difficult fight. He’s a good prospect. I definitely had to figure out a means to succeed. I felt that I couldn’t even get overly insecure in the slightest. A awful loss might be harmful to my career, so that I had to be more smart about this and decide to make an effort to get that triumph. ”

Having had close fights from the recent past, Ottow was a bit anxious to know the bout visit a split-decision, but felt confident that he’d done enough to secure the triumph.

“This fight I thought was going to be a toss up. He did a small bit more than me personally at the instant. I definitely won the third. So I felt just like it came to the very first round. It’s just kind of the way you view that first round was was about to get the fight.

“I felt as though it might have gone either way. I felt as though that I lost one of those (split-decisions) down in Brazil (into Sergio Moraes), so it was fine to find this intimate decision. ”

Looking forward of 20-19, Ottow feels like today could be his time to produce a movement from the welterweight division.

“I feel like these next couple of years are getting to function as prime in my career and I really need to push myself and reach my full potential.

“I do would like a really active year in 20-19 and climb the ladder . By the conclusion of 20-19 I’d like to be ranked in the Top 15. ”


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