Jackson got a good amount of ridicule for the term, however the announcement wasn’t out of boundaries. The Cleveland Browns reported this one of the reasons they drafted Mayfield was because of the way he drew people to him.

Jackson described Mayfield walking in to the indoor facility for his private work last March at Norman and making a chirping noise, and a”Heehee” was the way Jackson mimicked it. After he made the noise, all the players there to get involved or watch flocked to him.

Mayfield has never made that chirp in Cleveland, but he has had the identical effect on the Browns he had in college.

“When you find a man like that, you have to back up him man,” offensive tackle Steve Hubbard stated.

“The energy he brings to the game is incredible,” recipient Rashard Higgins explained. “Baker… person he’s that confidence.”

There are many physical elements to Mayfield’s victory in his rookie season. His arm strength is very eye-opening. He’s authentic. He’s daring. He has great vision. And he’s quite athletic at the manner he moves at the pocket and handles the chunk ; Jarvis Landry‘s two runs against Carolina would perhaps not have been powerful without Mayfield’s sleight of hand.

That has resulted in production that’s one of the best rookie seasons in NFL history. And he has 321 yards out of putting the Browns’ team record for passing yards.

Most important, he has directed the Browns to 4 wins from the previous five matches; he’s got a team that didn’t win a match a year ago playing well as some in the league. He’s the principal reason why the Browns are finally escaping the losing civilization — and the negativity that goes with it.

“The son has it,” interim coach Gregg Williams said.

Brees will likely probably be at the Hall of Fame if his career finishes.

“in my opinion he’s one of a sort,” receiver Breshad Perriman explained. “We all only go as Bake goes.”

The manners that Mayfield affects his team seem contagious. He has a distinct power to function as himself while bringing in a swagger to the the area. Since Landry quipped after his huge game against Carolina,”I guess this feeling dangerous stuff is contagious.” The announcement was a take on Mayfield’s”feeling dangerous” screenplay at Oklahoma, some thing he first uttered in Cleveland on Nov. 11 after the win over Atlanta.

“It is real,” tight end David Njoku said. “What you find or what you hear out of him is real emotion.”

It results in support and belief. Bengals running Joe Mixon, a former college teammate, came back to Oklahoma for Mayfield’s workout. Mayfield talked in his series of pre-draft videos of projecting his first pass and hearing Mixon supporting him state:”Shot, Bake.” Mayfield explained he helped him to relax.

Guard Joel Bitonio recalled the very first game Mayfield played against the Jets.

“Among their linebackers, I really don’t remember what type, was talking some jumble to him” Bitonio explained. “And he just came back . He was like,’I actually don’t know who you are; what are you doing here?’ I was thinking,’Bake, you need seven plays in your career at this time.'”

Against Tampa Bay, Mayfield took a vicious shot to the mind at the close of a 35-yard run. He instantly got to his feet and captured at the face of the guy who’d hit him, safety Jordan white head .

“I told the guy he’d need to hit me much tougher than it to change me,” Mayfield said.

His chatter about Jackson’s decision to go to the Bengals after he was fired by the Browns attracted fresh spice to the rivalry. His chatter throughout training is nonstop, and usually it’s between him and Jabrill Peppers.

Against Carolina, the Browns opened with a 61-yard pass and touchdown in the opening drive.

“He runs over there to GDub (Gregg Williams) and he’s like,” — and in this time Smith raises his voice and starts pointing his hands –“‘Hey, you better get your stuff together. You see? I found play today.'” Smith stated. “And G-Dub looks over at me he’s foolish.”

Ridiculous in a fantastic way. To a person, Browns players said Mayfield’s energy and attitude will be pleasant.

“I love a guy like that,” Hubbard said.

“You want to back that up,” Bitonio explained. “You want to struggle for this guy. You want to be part of it. That’s who Baker is and that’s what we’re following at this time.”

It wouldn’t seem as if your 23-year-old newcomer are the one to pull the Browns out of this morass of losing that has plagued them for several years. But Mayfield is performing this. After Jackson was terminated, the theory had been put to him that he may need to drag the Browns forward.

“take it on,” Mayfield said.

He then went outside and endorsed it up. Which is key.

“Direction comes from case initially and voice instant,” Williams stated.

Mayfield had his worst half in Houston, when he threw three first-half interceptions. He followed by casting for more yards in a half in almost some Browns quarterback since 1970, the year of the AFL-NFL merger. Questions regarding his ability to rebound were totally defused.

To Mayfield it’s a lot more than just producing, though.

“When you determine the kind of person you are, you have the esteem of those people and so they understand how hard you are working, they’re going to trust you,” he said. “Theyrsquo;re going to follow your lead. It’s not necessarily about production however yeah that helps. It’s very simple to follow individuals who produce.

“But genuine people and those who earn your esteem, I believe goes a long way, too.”

Mayfield acknowledged Wednesday that the Browns playoff hopes have dimmed to become nearly undetectable. But he wasn’t thinking regarding playing the Bengals and Ravens.

“We want to secure our last two matches,” he said. “Any guys with this team that don’t wish to accomplish so, they have to move out.”

Said Bitonio:”You’ve got to muster. He is our leader available and we must shield him. It’s just a thing that if the leader of the team is therefore outgoing and outspoken, it brings a power to the team that,’Hey we can’t be stopped at this time.'”


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