BOSTON — Boston Celtics centre Aron Baynes is out indefinitely with a fractured fourth metacarpal in his left hand.

Baynes, who is starting in place of injured celebrity Al Horford, left Wednesday night’s match from the Phoenix Suns just over two minutes into the first quarter after a dip.

He had been nearly instantly eliminated for the rest of the game having a left hand injury, and the team announced the particulars of his injury before halftime.

The increasing increased lack of Baynes further reduces Boston’s thickness in the center, where the Celtics have been already working with Horford missing the previous five games with patellar tendinitis in his knee.

Before Wednesday’s game against the Suns,” Celtics coach Brad Stevens said Horford had made any progress and’d done some on-court job, but that the team would definitely stay cautious with him at his recovery.

“I believe anyhow — even looking behind at the schedule we simply played and now having a few days away, since you are getting ready to have on the practice court and walkthroughs and those type of things, you are considering exactly what you just finished, and what’s coming,” Stevens said. “This really is an intense schedule entirely through all star break starting to night and I presume that, fundamentally we need as many guys feeling good as you can.

“everyone’s got nicks and bruises, but if they’re not feeling really, great, then we’ll hold them out”

Baynes, 32, is averaging 5.5 points and 4.5 rebounds in just under 15 minutes per match for Boston. In his absence, there will be an increased role for both second-year major Daniel Theis, as well as Robert Williams, the No. 27 overall pick in June’s NBA draft.


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