By Ian Aldous: After his unfortunate November 24th defeat to the unbeaten, Fanlong Meng, due to a cut Frank Buglioni (22-4-1) chose to call it a day and hang up his gloves. The announcement, published on his Twitter accounts, drew an outpouring of love from the entire boxing community. Former competitions, promoters and fans equally proclaimed their respect for a guy who left everything in the ring without a rock unturned in the gymnasium. Just ahead of Christmas, Frank took a little time to talk with me on the phone to think on his career.

IA: The final decision to retire was made very fast following the fight with Meng. Can you really have a ‘win or float ’ mentality moving into it?

FB: I’t had this mindset. Going right into my fights, I’t always only done my extreme rather than put any undue pressure on myself like saying, ‘this is my make or break struggle ’. But when I return, I believe that it turned out to be a make or break fight. In hindsight, that’s exactly what I see it , but I didn’t have that attitude going into the fight.

IA: Meng is a former Olympian and also an unbeaten pro. I’m sure you can have taken an easier opponent, but was that not some thing you were prompted to perform?

FB: I’m in boxing to fight the good fighters and that also I wanted to become a global champion. Getting to world level is not a simple ride. In the event that you’re nervous about fighting those kind of guys, then you know which you’re not planning to produce the journey into the top level. Therefore, for me personally, it was the right fight and the right choice. I felt I had the beating of me and that I believe that I had the beating . It’s only unfortunate timing and (I) got caught with the cut. It’s maybe not because I was the lower fighter. I’m vulnerable to cuts out and there’SA weakness there.

IA: ” There was a big outpouring of love in prior opponents like Ricky Summers and Callum Johnson after you announced your retirement. Are you really a very little shocked?

FB: I was a little bit, yeah. Do you realize exactly what — I’t made so many good friends over recent years. I’t tried to treat people how I love to be medicated myself and that I ’t gone by this headline. If people are nice to me personally I’ll be very great to them, and if they’r e horrible to me personally I’ll be very dreadful to them. I’t had a good time in boxing and met some amazing people.

IA: What would you look back on as your own career highlight?

FB: It’s got to be the (Hosea) Burton win, winning the British name in his garden and how that I did (it). This was one for the history books.

IA: The loss to Callum Johnson ceased your momentum after beating three undefeated guys on the spin, what happened that night? It was a jolt to me personally.

FB: He grabbed me cold and ancient with a shooter high on top of your head that scrambled my perceptions and that I didn’t really recover punctually. He grabbed me on the brow and there was a head clash again. I personally ’d loved to have transported on and that I ’m so convinced, had I caused it into the end of the round, I’d have regained and boxed only a tiny bit differently. We watched what Callum did (Artur) Beterbiev, he dropped him thick and should he realized just how hard he’d struck him and how heavily he dropped him I think he could have jumped on him and eventually become world champion. No shame in that defeat.

IA: exist any battles that you regret missing out on that didn’t happen.

FB: Yeah, the (Anthony) Yarde fight was unquestionably one that I was curious about. But, overall — no more regrets. I’t had a good career and that I ’m excited to the next point in my own life now. I’m excited for future years.

FB: I hadn’t been very, no. I’ll give 100% effort in the next chapter in my own life. I believe as long as you apply the same winning attitude to your different careers, you then ’r e okay.

IA: What do you need on doing now?

IA: Can there be no fight out there which may potentially affect your head and bring you out of retirement?

FB: Should they would like to provide me a thousand pounds to fight a light weight afterward I’m convinced I can come out of retirement for that (laughs). I’m waking in the morning with energy without any marks on my head. I’t got no bruises on my knuckles along with my hands, no more sore back. I’t got energy and that I ’t obtained enthusiasm for different things and that I ’m happy where I’m.

IA: How would you like fans to remember you as an in-ring competition?

FB: I’d want them to remember me as somebody that gave it my all and that I employed myself to the very best of my own ability in training camp and when I got in the ring and fought.

IA: What are Xmas programs for the ‘Wise-guy ’?

FB: I won’t be carrying an excessive amount of time off, however that I ’ll have a nice Christmas Day and Boxing Day with my girl friend along with her loved ones. My relatives have been permitted to go ski and obviously being a professional boxer at that point — I had to swerve which like I’ve done for the past few years. I am ’t risk injuries. I’t missed on that, however that I ’m so convinced in the foreseeable future I’ll be on those holidays using them.

IA: I’m pretty convinced you’re fed up with hearing it, however it’s been great following your career and your British name reign is in the history books now.

FB: A lot of people say, ‘you’t got more to give’yet, do you realize exactly what — I have got more to provide, but that I don’t wish to provide my wellbeing and my energy into boxing because I’d re sent it afterward if I came off not in full health and fitness. I don’t wish to resent boxing. I’d like that love that I’t got for this and had the way through my career. I’m leaving it in a good place.


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