Hoffenheim’s training ground saw some spy games earlier this week.

German authorities are investigating using a drone in Bundesliga club Hoffenheim’s training ground before their club’s Wednesday’s 1-1 draw against Werder Bremen.

Hoffenheim reported their website that a drone flew across the club’s practice facilities in the village of Zuzenhausen on Tuesday and that the team had reported that the case and alleged contentious pilot — allegedly a Werder Bremen scout — into the authorities.

On Thursday, Hoffenheim head of media Holger Kliem told ESPN FC who”an unannounced drone flight” occurred and added:”Whoever is responsible for it, over an third party property or training earth, even more so in darkness, [implies that] many of all it is a significant security concern and exceeds by far the limitation of covertly seeing a fence”

A Mannheim authorities spokesperson confirmed to ESPN FC they have been investigating the case, saying:”We have an unknown defendant and his car. We’re trying to identify him”

Once authorities can identify the defendant, they will subsequently find out whether the usage of this drone was permitted by the Drohnen-Verordnung, the German drone behave which specifies that, based on the burden, certain permissions needs to be obtained by local police.

It also prohibits using drones weighing over 0.25 kilograms within a bunch of people or over populated areas at which it’s not allowed for”optical, acoustical or radio signals”

If identified, the defendant could be punished to get a Bedeutende Ordnungswidrigkeit, an intense regulatory offence, which under the Luftverkehrsgesetz, the Air Traffic Act, may punishable with a fine all the way to euro;50,000.

Hoffenheim indicated that Bremen delivered a scout to try and spy the practice session, but coach Julian Nagelsmann said in his postmatch news conference he was concerned with the protection of his own players.

“When it was somebody from Werder or perhaps even a fan, it’s prohibited. You ought to be careful,” he explained. “If you fly such matters over people and there exists a technical flaw, it may have serious consequences. When it was somebody in Werder. It’s common that you scout the competition. Everybody does it. I remember that. There are only safety concerns”

Bremen affirmed they sent a scout into the practice session, which happened behind closed doors, but they didn’t dictate the guy to use an officer.

2 drones allegedly flying above London’s Gatwick Airport on Wednesday resulted in a shutdown and acute disruptions in air travel across the Uk. German aviation police currently do not collect data over the unauthorised usage of drones.


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