Worldwide Boxing Management agency, MTK World Wide has Awakened with Manchester Established restaurant and bar, School For Scandal, located on First Street to Provide the Displaced and vulnerable of Manchester a Christmas breakfast.
Boxers including Tyson Fury’s brother, Hughie Fury and Natasha Jonas united boxing promoter Johnney Roye and other MTK members to dish a sexy full British breakfast and warm drinks at the neighborhood pub.

The event placed by MTK Global and School For Scandal was hit by PR business, The AgenC and also saw other displaced supporters in attendance including Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham and hairdresser Skullfades, who treated guests to a xmas trim.

Owner of all School For Scandal,” Danny Fox said. “It’s that the good time of year once we overindulge and have opinions on our faces, although it’s essential we take a step back and realise a few folks aren’t as blessed as the others. We wished to open our doors to the homeless, destitute and destitute of Manchester to give them something to smile about too also to make certain they had a something warm to drink and eat. MTK Global would be the perfect partner with this and we are grateful for all the team and fighters volunteers from the business today who helped make it a success”.

“A lot of people assume sports celebrities are very shallow, but this is definately not the situation, specially in the boxing universe. A whole lot of our fighters in MTK result in humble roots and beginnings and comprehend struggle. So do not require blinked an eye when asked if theyrsquo;d participate in this because they all felt very passionately about ensuring that the homeless and vulnerable of Manchester were safe and cared ”.


Olympic heroes Paddy Barnes and Tasha Jonas were one of an MTK worldwide team who combined Manchester restaurant School for Scandal in surprising friends of homeless people who have a free meal.

Barnes and Jonas served at tables together side world heavyweight title challenger Hughie Fury and renowned coaches Johnney Roye and Nigel Travis whilst the Mayor of Manchester dropped to lend his stamp of approval into proceedings.

During a quick break from working at tables, Barnes said: “” I assume it’s pretty amazing. Homelessness is an important thing all over the world and it’s great to visit MTK Global boxers helping out along side School for Scandal — especially now of this year.

“It was good to observe that the may or popping his head too. I’t simply been giving away some breakfasts, talking to them and watching them get their underwear.

Theyrsquo;re very enthusiastic. I’m confident that they ’re after jobs! Tasha Jonas has fallen two plates but I harbor ’t dropped any plates because I’m a legend.

“my partner used to be within the restaurant industry and says ’s a very stressful job. ”

Jonas added: “I’ve been engaged in certain projects in Liverpool so I thought it’d really be great to get involved. I’m not sure that I ’t seen Hughie having a plate though — we were doing all of the graft!

“I’ve ever been conversing with them. We’ve been looking on the world wide web to where they will find some temporary accommodation.

“& I ’m a people person and I like to be surrounded by people from all diverse backgrounds. I like to follow people’s experiences. ”

Roye said: ldquo;School for Scandal have been fantastic. We’ve ever been chipping in once we are able to signing autographs and taking pictures. We’re merely giving a little something back.

“A few of these homeless individuals come able through no real fault of their own with just a little helping hands, we can alter their situations.

“& We ’t all done well today. No one stole any sausages, I promise! Today was absolutely fantastic. ”

Fury said: “& We ’t giving something back into the community — especially for those who are outside now of year as it’s arctic.

“it was fine to find people light up. Just to get that attempt to come down only took five full minutes. It was amazing to see the smiles on people’s faces. ”

Travis said: “& we ’re here to attempt to offer something back to people who are less fortunate. This is just really a time for giving. It’s a positive point to be here to support this.

“” I assume it’s important to attract attention to how you can find people on the streets. The simple fact that Paddy Barnes will be this is just a large thing. ”

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