The Wimp-2-Warrior program is expanding yet more by adding regional presidents with famed coach John Kavanagh overtaking in Europe and Scott Viscomi directing the charge from North America.

Originally made by mixed martial arts trainer Richie Cranny,” Wimp-2-Warrior is just a 22 week program that seeks out folks of all ages and experience to coach at MMA and learn about the game despite no prior background in martial arts and match them up against the other student of similar age and skill put at a fully accredited amateur bout.

This most recent expansion will see Kavanagh and Viscomi simply take more as regional presidents to aid in the growth of the Wimp-2-Warrior program in us and Europe. Kavanagh and Viscomi will lead the charge through sales campaigns, advertising campaigns and accelerated growth into fresh gyms across their various regions.

Kavanagh is well known for his work as the head trainer of the Straight Blast Gym (SBG) at Ireland where he sees former two-division UFC winner Conor McGregor among his top students.

He’s been dealing with Wimp-2-Warrior already while launching up SBG to students that are interested in the program now he’ll be attempting to gain an even stronger foothold within the U.K. and Ireland while also expanding into new lands across Europe.

“my love for this particular game and the familiarity with exactly what it can perform to regular women and men, especially throughout the Wimp 2 Warrior program makes me out of bed each morning,” Kavanagh said in a media release.

“It’SA very special program that reminds me constantly why I got into martial arts at the first location. ”

Viscomi and Kavanagh carry on the enlarged roles with Wimp-2-Warrior instantly since they begin in North America and Europe.


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