Is the Particular One no more special?

Where does he end up next?

BBC Radio 5 reside’s Euro Leagues director of Steve Crossman, James Horncastle, Julien Laurens and Raphael Honigstein look at Mourinho’s choices and talk why it went wrong with him in Old Trafford.

At Inter Milan matches there’s still a banner which says’Jose Mourinho’ and there’s a whole good deal of speculation about which are his next movement. Inter always features very highly but this can be an extremely different Inter into the one he left 2010, an alternative owner, different president, different chief executive and could it be a thing which is not as straightforward as lots of men and women think.

“He is still popular with the fans in terms of being another destination if Luciano Spalletti were to find the sack, however that is someone who got Inter back into the Champions League and signed a new contract so I presume he might need to look elsewhere before a reunion, a la Chelsea.”

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Think about a brand new challenge in a brand new league in Paris St-Germain?

Laurens:“There is no talk of’might he can come to PSG?’ . It might’ve happened four or five years ago when Laurent Blanc was chosen but he is not the sort of manager they would select anymore.”

Horncastle:“there is an occasion when PSG would have believed him and he felt it wasn’t the perfect time for him and that time appears to get changed.”

If not France, How about Germany?

Honigstein:“Bayern Munich looked at Jose when he had been inbetween Chelsea and Inter (2007-08) and that there were some preliminary discussions. However they will have never wanted somebody who was simply too overbearing and wanted somebody who may work in the current arrangement and so they chose Jurgen Klinsmann just ahead of Jurgen Klopp.

“There is no vibe or scenario at this time (for a go on to Germany). Bayern will be the 1 club which will offer enough for him nevertheless the sensation in Munich is that he can not offer enough to them.

“It is no longer the case where you think of him as an expert in European football as his album on the previous five years was pretty ordinary. It reflects his loss of stature that he is not being cited, in contrast to somebody like Zinedine Zidane in the rear of three European allies”

What about a second attraction in Real Madrid?

Horncastle:“Let Us watch the Club World-cup . Real Madrid, if they are not to win, imagine the fall out. Mourinho has a fantastic association with [Real president] Florentino Perez and also a project has to be achieved to drive the old protector and what better person than Jose. That remains a possibility.”

Any chance of a wildcard move? To a team in Russia, China or perhaps international football?

Horncastle:“I presume he has to be underneath the spotlight and at the big games so he needs to be in one of many top five leagues.”

Laurens:“His own image is way too important to him to go to China or Russia. He needs the spotlight and, personally, I presume his next movement is usually always to be Portugal’s next international team manager. Fernando Santos is 64 years old. You get a youthful generation coming for Portugal, it would not frighten him that challenge.

Portugal supervisor? Therefore potentially dealing with Cristiano Ronaldo again?

Honigstein:“I really actually don’t think the partnership is really bad between these, as was reported, however, Ronaldo over repeatedly continued album and said he did not appreciating playing that manner in Real Madrid – he did not see why they ought to play without the ball.”

Laurens:“I really actually don’t think Ronaldo would never play Jose Mourinho again however it’s not a joyful reunion of the guys since there’s not that similarities between them at all.”

“Juventus as well as also other clubs across Europe were taking a look at this circumstance and the more it went on the greater for them due to the rust in relationship between Mourinho and the best players. At La Gazzetta dello Sport it had been’Pogba is now laughing’.

Laurens:“It got to the point where very promising players were ruling out Manchester United as they were saying’I really don’t desire to be the next Anthony Martial or Paul Pogba, being marginalised, not playing, and with my progress impeded.’

“I’ve talked to a couple of representatives using interesting players and the dynamic has now changed. No more is there which sense of manchester-united being a bare land where you would not dream of sending your best player there.”

Laurens:“Should you have or will be the chairman of a big European club would you truly desire Jose Mourinho, understanding that after a couple of years that matters will probably get bad, while they always do?

“He will sign some thing and say he would like to stay ten years and it never works out. Why would you put that investment in him knowing some time it’s going to acquire toxic? I really don’t understand who would take that gamble and hiring Mourinho right today is a gamble.

“You are not certain of trophies and about just how much they spend and the damage he’s done to that club two and a half years – it’s been a fantastic yield. Even the type of footballthat you know won’t be good as well as the partnership with all key players will probably deteriorate so badly that you will need to sack him.”

Horncastle:“In case you’re Real and arranging for a transition and want to bring in Neymar, are they going to buy into that if they have experienced what’s happened at United.”

The other thing Mourinho has not realised is now clubs need to look at the bottom point – if you are somebody that could get a £5m player and he is suddenly worth £45m half a year down the line, that’s why Mauricio Pochettino is currently in demand.

“Mourinho has never been interested because. He is quite harsh and unforgiving and that I actually don’t believe this is the perfect version . You can’t afford among your biggest players to not be playing or developing.”

Is Mourinho tactically behind these times?

It is no longer a strategy to sit deep and expect for teams to be broken down. You can’t manage to sit back and await things to manifest. Even the smaller teams will now have enough caliber to be at you.”

Horncastle:“When he went to Inter he made a big deal about his’bible’, his strategy at which he looked around trends around Europe and adapted his techniques but that I really don’t think that’s happened for some time. There are additional peers such as Jurgen Klopp who has a platform where you play in a modern style of football.”

Laurens:“It was a mess and he strove so many things in United. Against Tottenham at the first half they pressed high and were unlucky to not be two or three upward and it appeared as if he was prepared to change, but they lost the game (3-0 after it had been goalless in half time ). We haven’t seen it . There was some thing to focus but we never watched it again and we went back into the old rubbish.”

Will Man Utd be stronger without Mourinho?

Laurens:“It had been on the front page of L’Equipe plus it made bigger due to the Champions League draw where Manchester United will face PSG. A whole good deal of people in France were dreading a big change of manager due to the favorable effect an alteration of manager can and can have.

“It was a noxious environment and dressing room due to Mourinho. If he had been still there, PSG would have fancied their chances greatly, today the air can improve, key players will probably play with better, every one will be pleased and that’s not exactly what PSG wanted.

“Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will turn things around and make this Manchester United squad very competitive . After the draw was made people in Paris were thinking’it is a great draw for people’, but now not as much.