The following weekend, then Jon Jones will finally return to the cage after a 17-month lay off into re-match Alexander Gustafsson to your soon-to-be-vacated light heavyweight name. But though Jones has a name fight rematch with arguably his toughest competition coming, it’s the man who’s about to vacate the 205-pound belt which appears to be on his mind.

Three weeks before, Cormier chose a look on that the Jim Rome Podcast where he addressed Jones’ remarks concerning the prohibited substances being found within his system being negligible, saying he has always conceded that Jones won their two fights, but questioning why Jones has failed drug tests regardless of how small the total amount inside his system had been.

“My bargain ’therefore, I once said he didn’t win the fight. I’t [not ] said that. Even if people would tell me lsquo;no one didn’t receive a fair shake, it’s not trendy, he ’, I said that the guy won the fights,” Cormier explained. “Because I’t always said, I’m so pretty convinced he’s not the only guy I’t fought that ’s on steroids. I’t always said that. I’ve been open about this. But whenever you mention a pinch of salt why was that the pinch of salt ? Why was it there with no explanation for why it got there? This ’s my question. Why didn’t I’ve a pinch of salt at the swimming pool? This ’s where my issue is. You get the fight, go on and win the fight but don’t leave anything to wonder is my reply. Don’t have a pinch of salt. Don’t have sex pills that are tainted. Only don’t have that stuff and then we never have these discussions to discredit what exactly which you’ve done. This ’s my own reply. ”

Discrediting his / her ldquo;pinch of salt” shield seems to have made Jones strong salty because then interview resurfaced recently, Jones jumped on Twitter and fired shots at “Daddy’s baby” for “yelling ” and running out.

Once Cormier won the heavyweight title at UFC 226, it seemed that the two competitions may finally have the ability to get some semblance of a relationship that was respectful. Neither was particularly interested in a third fight with the other and, with Cormier retiring in 20-19, it seemed that they are able to go their individual ways. Then Jones negotiated a deal with USADA that saw his suspension (for failing the drug test which had him stripped of this light heavyweight name ) ending abruptly and unexpectedly Jones managed to compete before Cormier retired. The two have already been sniping back and forth at one another throughout the media since then and Jones is now more than willing to fight Cormier for another venture around, even shooting a shot at Cormier’s “Dual Champ” moniker for good step.

Cormier continues to be now the UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight winner. This year he became the first fighter in UFC history to successfully defend belts in several divisions when he beat Derrick Lewis in UFC 230. Cormier plans to defend his heavyweight title early next year against brocklesnar and then retire when he turns 40 in March, however, UFC President Dana White will be hoping that they are able to convince him to stay for one more dance with Jon Jones. Given the way these two bicker, it looks like a fantastic bet theyrsquo;ll be able to do exactly that.

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