Maybe none has been more sudden than quarterback Nick Mullens.

“Nick Mullens has awakened to the moment week and week out and he is showing he could play in this match,” cornerback Richard Sherman stated. “I just hope we could keep him teams require a quarterback. This guy isn’t just playing ,’Oh, conservative football, get the ball in the right places.’ He’s making the proper decisions. He’s making good throws under pressure.

“… You’ve got guys which are available now that are not playing football compared to Nick Mullens and he could be a starter for a lot of teams in this soccer league”

Sherman isn’t exactly the type at give away praise unless it’s justified, particularly to quarterbacks, however awarded Mullens’ ascent out of undrafted rookie to practice squad to copy to C.J. Beathard to newcomer to directing the fee for San Francisco’s first triumph against Seattle at 11 tries, it’s tough to discover falsehoods at whatever he explained.

In 2 matches in three weeks against the Seahawks, Mullens threw for 689 yardsand also probably the most passing yards by any quarterback in one season against Seattle since it entered the league in 1976.

Even though some of the stats may be attributed to poorer competitions such as the Raiders and the second half a blow out loss, Mullens has demonstrated he is able to play and deserves a spot on a quarterback depth chart continue.

Moreover pressingleast from a Niners perspective, is figuring out exactly what his value is to these, what it may be to other teams within the league and also how best to move forward together outside 2018.

Can they be best served to continue to Mullens as the No. 2 supporting Jimmy Garoppolo, especially using Garoppolo finding its way straight back in ACL surgery? Imagine if a team offers a pick within the first few rounds? Those are things the 49ers and coach Kyle Shanahan will have to think about.

“after all, you are open to whatever potential that enriches your team,” Shanahan said. “That is not only backups. … I presume backups are extremely valuable, not just at the quarterback position, but anywhere. Usually you must triumph with backups and also you also hope to remain healthy constantly, however very rarely does that happen. Backups may be the gap in a season.”

He’s won half of his six starts from Garoppolo’s stead and is sold with the extra bonus of being cheap, which can help offset the exorbitant amount the Niners are paying Garoppolo.

For an undrafted free agent, Mullens’ contract will perish following the 2019 season, in which point he would develop into an exclusive rights free agent and the Niners can retain him at least price related to that. From that point, that the Niners would still retain control after the 2020 season because of being a restricted free agent.

The price, for the 49ers, is significantly more than positive during the next few years and also the team is pleased with how he has arrived . So much so , barring injury, Mullens can have in order to complete this season as the newcomer rather than return to Beathard.

“Nick’s played very well and he has gotten better as he has gone. I thought [that the Seattle match ] was probably Nick’s best match, particularly how he ended it at that fourth quarter. … He’s done too much a project. We’d really like to get C.J. more precious time, but Nick’s earned it and I’m not carrying him out”

To this time, Shanahan has preferred not to create sweeping declarations about if Mullens or Beathard, a 2017 third-round pick, will soon be the No. 2 quarterback in 2019. A couple weeks ago, he said both quarterbacks are”dead ” starting the offseason. There is no explanation to make that call.

There are also recent examples of Shanahan and the Niners choosing the ball player who performs better compared to the one who had been more highly drafted. Sanfrancisco wrapped with undrafted running Matt Breida over fourth-round pick Joe Williams at 2017 and released Williams this year after others out performed him.

Shanahan has said Beathard had the top hand once Garoppolo went based on which took place in clinic each day. After Mullens captured the ability because of Beathard’s injury, he left the most of it, that explains why Shanahan has continued to play with him.

Today Mullens needs to build on what he has done thus far. Having a loony commerce deal, the Niners could be sensible to hold him on until they visit Garoppolo produce a complete recovery and produce in 2019.

Since Sherman bounded off the stage after a week’s triumph, he also stopped and told Mullens that he had nothing to say regarding him.

“You can not play if you are not certain,” Mullens said. “So, I always spend the field like a confident player. I’m certain in my teammates, as well.


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