The New Orleans Saints trainer brought up the topic unsolicited Thursday while discussing how the team was right down to the last healthy offensive lineman on Monday night at Carolina. He explained teams desire more players available on game titles.

“The 46-man roster on game day is soon to be, I think, will soon be so on obsolete. I think that’s gotId alter,” Payton said. “If we’re considering safe practices — and it also sounds just like we are; at least that’s something we talk about alot — this number should be higher. And that’ll change the total roll size. And that could cost slightly more money, but this is the cost”

Payton said this notion comes up if folks want teams to”rest their starters” whenever they’ve big leads late in games.

“Have you looked at the sideline during a game” Payton said. You’re talking about three different adjustments, maybe. It’s only different than obviously faculty, where you have a great numbers of players on the side line.”

Payton is talking about making all 53 players active in game titles — because he said there”obviously has to be the buffer” where both teams have the same selection of healthy players offered for a game. The seven inactive spots on game titles are for wounded players or developmental players who aren’t prepared to play, etc..

“I note [total roster] number having to increase too.

Atlanta Falcons trainer Dan Quinn also mentioned enlarging rosters for both health and developmental purposes earlier this season, among others.

Payton said that there is ample support for enlarging rosters among coaches and teams across the league, but he explained it’s not something which could be shifted by the competition committee — that he could be an associate of.

“Oh absolutely [there is support]. “It doesn’t have anything todo with the competition committee. It has everything to do with management council and the players marriage and ownership”


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