CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Carolina Panthers trainer knows what he’d do as a person if he were chosen seven days to get a random drug test since complimentary basic safety Eric Reid claims has occurred to him.

“I suppose there is some thing about some mathematician saying it’s highly improbable, but definitely possible,” Rivera said Thursday. “But I’ll say this: If my name came up that most times, I’d purchase a lottery ticket”

Reid posted on social media after Sunday’s loss to the New Orleans Saints he had his seventh random test considering signing with the Panthers in late September. He put”random” in quotes.

Reid continues to suggest the is targeting him due to his collusion grievance against the team.

Reid, the first player to combine former San Francisco 49ers quarterback in kneeling throughout the anthem, continues to chase the grievance. In addition, he proceeds to snore through the anthem.

Reid’s attorney and the PA, sources told , are looking into the matter. But, according to the collective bargaining agreement, the and PA are not included from the testing. It is done by an independent lab.

‘Sometime it has to sound right. It can be random, but if you keep seeing the same guy popping up, think about [the other ] player over here carrying PEDs, or whatever. You’re missing out. You’re analyzing the exact same guy.”

Smith said he was tested”maybe three” days because the season began, including the test every player takes at the beginning of training camp.

“I suppose there’s a small chance we can make the hit [winning the lottery] to produce a thousand,” Smith said of Reid being tested seven days. “They say it’s random, however, you must add to that, it doesn’t make sense”

While there isn’t a great deal they could say today, Reid made it clear he and his representatives are”taking notes” about everything that has happened the past few weeks.

Beyond the drug tests, Reid was fined $10,026 for his unsportsmanlike punishment against tight-end Zach Ertz and also another $10,026 for his struck Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger that resulted in his ejection, which Reid and Rivera said was unwarranted.

Reid’s ok for the Ertz punishment was rescinded by the league after a charm. Ertz, additionally known as for an unsportsmanlike penalty on the play, wasn’t fined.

Reid still is waiting to listen to the outcome of the other two appeals.

“I am not concerned I am likely to fail a drug test,” Reid stated. “I have never failed a drug test in my life. It’s nothing like I am stressed about any of this. But it’s duly noted it’s happened. It’s [like] stopandfrisk. If I am walking outside, I understand I am not doing anything illegal, but this doesn’t mean that I should be ceased every time that I go outside.

“I understand very well what I am going up against. I am not surprised with this. Here is a number of the least shocking things that I am aware of in this collusion claim. So that my teammates are more stunned about this than I am.”

Wondering just how they could explain the seven random tests if the isn’t involved in the testing,” Reid said:”I perceive that the team is high in you fill in the blanks. I h I could seey’alls faces if what I understand becomes public from this lawsuit”


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